How quickly to remove cellulitis

How quickly to remove cellulitis

Once artists of the Renaissance admired charming dimples on body of women, with pleasure represented them on the cloths. Now do not find anything charming in dimples, moreover - recognized them as disease, shortcoming. Such changes are called cellulitis. Women try to get rid of hilly skin in the various ways. It should be noted that it is quite difficult process.


1. Do not deceive yourself and you do not become slaves to cosmetics and beauty shops. In order that skin became smooth and beautiful again, it is necessary to make efforts. If you are persistent and purposeful, the result will appear enough soon.

2. Sometimes cellulitis develops at thin and slender women. It is formed in fatty tissue. Therefore if you want to get rid of hilly skin, you all the same should begin to grow thin. Only any express diets, starvation and other extreme! Choose the healthy healthy nutrition in which proteins, fats and carbohydrates are balanced. Reduce the consumed portions.

3. Play sports, otherwise you will not get rid of cellulitis. It is necessary to increase physical activity that fat has begun to leave. Begin with the simplest – from walking and run. The condition of skin and organism is very well influenced by swimming.

4. To increase blood inflow, to improve blood circulation, to strengthen lymphatic drainage, it is necessary to take daily contrast shower, especially on those parts of the body where there is cellulitis. Do it in the morning and in the evening if you can – right after sports activities or intensive walk.

5. Good means in fight against cellulitis is massage. You can do it independently or go to the experienced massage therapist. There is vacuum and honey massage. You can choose any, the main thing is to warm up well skin, not to be afraid of slaps and rifts. Massage is rather painful. Consider that easy strokings you will reach nothing, it should not be pleasant, after this procedure skin has to redden and burn. Then it is possible to be sure that all this is done not for nothing.

6. The most important is to make all these procedures (diet, sport, shower and massage) in complex, you should not hope that massage of times a week will be able to solve your problem. Also you should not trust various wrappings, creams and serums. Cellulitis is structural problem, and no half measures to you will help to get rid of it. The more intensively you will be engaged in all these procedures, the quicker will be able to see results.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team