How quickly to remove hypostasis of eyes

How quickly to remove hypostasis of eyes

Skin around eyes differs in special sensitivity. It the first reacts to unbalanced food, excessive alcohol intake, water delay in organism. Hypostases in the eyes look very ugly, but they can be moved away quickly by means of folk remedies.

It is required to you

  • - tea;
  • - cucumber;
  • - milk;
  • - egg white;
  • - Lioton cream;
  • - heparin ointment.


1. The most available way - tea compresses. Tea from camomile will be ideal, but if it is absent, then green or usual black tea will fit. Make two bags in cup, cool up to the acceptable temperature and impose on eyes the cotton tampons moistened in tea for 10-15 minutes. It can be done also in the preventive purposes if you have tendency to hypostases.

2. It is possible to remove swelling from eyes, putting to them well cooled metal spoons. Spoons can be placed in glass with ice or just to take some time in the freezer. Such way is convenient that it is possible to use it also at home, and at office.

3. Put on eyes on slice of cold cucumber. The cucumber perfectly delays water, and, besides, still will calm skin and will remove reddening. It is possible to use cucumber juice instead of slices, having dipped into it cotton tampon. Such procedure will even be more effective. But you remember that for removal from hypostasis eyes all lotions and compresses should be done only of cold products.

4. If you in the fridge have package of milk, then too eyes can use it for "ambulance". Algorithm of your actions same: you dip two cotton tampons into milk, you impose on eyes and you hold fifteen minutes. Tampons need to be changed as soon as they heat up. Otherwise effect of the procedure it will be considerable it is reduced.

5. The following subject from your fridge helping to cope with hypostasis - egg white. It should be shaken up and imposed on eye area as mask. It not only will remove swelling, but also will help you to cope with small wrinkles as protein is rich with B2 vitamin.

6. In case of emergency it is possible to use heparin ointment (or Lioton cream). You put it on all face as usual cosmetic cream. This will remove hypostases very quickly and effectively, but you should not use it often without the recommendation of the doctor.

7. If at you hypostases arise too often, surely check hormonal background, work of cardiovascular system and kidney.

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