How quickly to remove pimples from face house conditions

How quickly to remove pimples from face house conditions

Defining how quickly to remove pimples from face house conditions, it is necessary to understand why pimples on the face develop. In case the problem of pimples for you is stable, skin is unwell, pimples do not pass in any way, occupy the huge area, there are new and it is very difficult to move away them quickly to you, it is necessary to visit the doctor. Maybe he will establish you the conclusion of "acne" — it is already considered inflammation of glands, in this case you to be necessary to complete the full course of treatment appointed by the expert in clinic.

If the problem of acne concerns you not always, and from time to time, and problem of rather cosmetic property, you will be able to try to remove pimples house conditions. What should be done quickly to remove pimples from the face forever?

How quickly to remove acne house conditions?

Refusal of addictions. Ask any physician how quickly to remove pimples from face, and they will claim that the acne is the wrong metabolism. In this regard, buying alcohol or inhaling nicotine, you thus spoil own metabolism and, certainly, only you source of problem of appearance of pimples on the face. In this case no perfumery will save you from them. Thereof, to all women who aims to remove acne from face, with cigarettes and alcohol not on the way.

Reconsider the food. The human body, in particular in youth when the neurohormonal background is meanwhile not stable, and directly depends on external factors, for example, such as from food. Often products which contain many chemicals happen initiators of acne on skin: carbonated drinks, chips, food of fast production, coffee. Everything listed should be removed from diet, otherwise pimples will not disappear. Fruits, vegetables, vegetation, different porridges, soy, green tea — here those products which have to enter your daily diet. They will help to remove forever not only acne from face, but also favorably influence organism in general. So eating, it is possible even to lose weight.

Drink a lot of water. Will help to clean face skin and to remove acne forever, certainly, usual water. All models, whose persons with perfect skin shine from screens of TVs and magazines, drink not less than 2-2.5 l not of sparkling water a day, the result is available — any pimples. And we than worse? Find the place in the room for decanter with water which will always be at you in sight, it will allow not to forget to drink daily by the required amount of liquid.

Clean body from slags. The acne problem quite often says that the organism is polluted by slags, besides in similar quantity that our bodies are not controlled in any way, and epidermis begins by it to help, throwing out excess slags, fats through itself, and it also is pimples on the face. To remove pimples house conditions, it is necessary to help the intestinal path to be cleaned. Drink in the mornings the following mix which part 1 tsp of salt added to 0.5 l of water is. After use of this infusion in thirty minutes it is necessary to drink glass of kefir. Salty water will save all unnecessary in stomach and intestinal path, and will exclude from organism, and kefir neutralizes fragments of salt and will bring the necessary sour-milk bacteria. For one-time reception it is impossible to remove acne from face, however it is possible to see positive effect after the first week of use.

Here basic reasons of appearance of acne on face have been considered and also useful tips are given how quickly to remove house pimples, without visits of beauty shops. Protect the beauty!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team