How quickly to remove puffiness

How quickly to remove puffiness

Large amount of liquid before going to bed, salty or spicy food can be resulted in unpleasant puffiness in the morning. To give to the face fresh look, to remove hypostases under eyes not so difficult, for this purpose it is necessary to know several secrets.

  • - cold and hot water;
  • - ice from broths of herbs;
  • - potatoes;
  • - pumpkin;
  • - green tea;
  • - bandage or gauze;
  • - cabbage;
  • - parsley root.

1. Try to make contrast washing. Rinse face several times serially cold and hot water, finish washing with the coldest water or wipe with ice. It is good if in your fridge on this case ice from broth of celandine, camomile, St. John's wort is prepared.

2. Nestle in chair and make to yourself massage. Easily stroke and pinch from time to time face skin from the center to the periphery for massage lines. Conduct fingers from top to down – at first on forehead, then under eyes, to temples from nose bridge, in the area of cheekbone. Such massage will take no more minutes, microcirculation of skin during this time will improve and puffiness of the person will decrease.

3. Make mask of crude potatoes. Grate the cleaned potatoes, slightly wring out the weight (juice can be drunk, it is useful to digestion) and put gruel on face. In minutes wash away it warm water.

4. Small cut pumpkin and extinguish on weak fire, with water addition. When it boils soft, cool and add honey (on two parts of pumpkin one part of honey), mix. Apply to face skin and wash away in 10 minutes.

5. Make the green not flavored tea and cool. In cool infusion moisten napkin from gauze and apply to the person, remove in 10 minutes, rinse skin.

6. To remove hypostasis of legs, wrap them cabbage leaves or gruel from the kneaded cabbage, from above put on gaiters or wind legs with bandage. In hour the result will be noticeable, but it is the best of all to make this procedure for the night.

7. If at you eyelids often swell, miss roots of parsley via the meat grinder and freeze. As soon as it is required to remove urgently puffiness, lay out the defrozen weight on napkin and apply to centuries for 10 minutes.

8. That since morning it is fine to look, try to drink as little as possible liquid since evening, not to take alcoholic drinks, is not fat, salty and sharp. Besides, it is good to drink glass of diuretic tea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team