How quickly to remove red pimple

How quickly to remove red pimple

Sometimes, as on healthy face skin the pimple develops from time to time. And there is it at the most inappropriate moment when some action or any important occasion for which it is just necessary to look on all hundred is necessary. If only to get rid of suddenly arisen defect, use any means and ways. By the way, some of them yield very good result.

It is required to you

  • - grass of camomile and calendula;
  • - potatoes and aloe;
  • - 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • - levomitsetin or streptocide.


1. Appearance of pimples can be caused by the different reasons: hormonal splash, errors in food or leaving. Therefore it is necessary to approach carefully the choice of cosmetics and, besides, to watch the diet.

2. For fast elimination of pimple arrange to yourself hungry day. Refrain for day from food. Do not refuse to yourself only liquid. Drink water, freshly cooked juice or compotes, and for the night kefir.

3. Make steam person bath. It well purifies skin, prevents emergence of new rashes. And that steam became bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, add calendula and camomile to water.

4. After person bath make anti-inflammatory mask of gruel or slice of crude potatoes. Put it for 10 minutes each hour. And apply piece of leaf of aloe pulp to pimple in the evening.

5. If the pimple has ripened, it needs to be opened and cleaned from pus. For this purpose moisten Q-tip in 3% of peroxide of hydrogen and process wound. Apply on it powder of the crushed tablet of levomitsetin or streptocide. Leave for the night. In the morning apply slice of fresh potatoes to pimple again. Repeat these procedures every day. They will help to get rid of pimple quickly enough.

6. To eliminate trace from pimple, continue to do anti-inflammatory masks of potatoes and aloe and, besides, within 10 days you apply on the reddened site of skin the warmed medical paraffin (to 55 wasps) or roll in the same place hot egg. Strengthening of blood circulation will quicker remove inflammatory process and will restore skin color.

7. For a while, until the pimple disappears completely, it is possible to make it less noticeable by means of the proofreader. But that he has hidden redness, cover pimple at first with white pencil and only then the adjusting means or foundation.

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