How quickly to remove reddening

How quickly to remove reddening

Reddenings on skin are difficult to be disguised even by means of quality foundation and powder. However there is also set of ways not to hide red spots, and to remove them. Try several different options to find that which suits you and then you will be able quickly and easily to restore equal complexion.


1. Try to make spirit lotions. Alcohol dries skin therefore it is necessary to use lotions only on the reddened sites of skin. Pay attention: it is impossible to apply this means on area near eyes and lips. After processing use nutritious cream. Consider that it needs to be used only on healthy sites of skin, without concerning at the same time reddenings. If desired alcohol can be replaced with toothpaste.

2. If red specks on face have arisen because of pimples, grease their naziviny or other cold medicine. To achieve the maximum effect, apply liquid on cotton tampon, apply it to the reddened site of skin and you hold 5-10 minutes. As a rule, this way allows to get rid of reddenings very quickly, however it suits not everyone.

3. Make mask of white clay, apply it to skin and leave for 15-20 minutes, and then wash away cool water. Such means helps to level quickly and effectively complexion and to get rid of reddenings. You can buy both ready mask, and white clay which needs to be parted with water. Different people suit different options therefore you should experiment.

4. Prepare aspirinovy mask. For this purpose it is necessary to pound 3 tablets of aspirin, to add couple of drops of water and one teaspoon of honey. Mix ingredients, then apply mask on reddenings and leave for 20-25 minutes then carefully wash away warm water. Such way allows to get rid of any reddenings and pimples approximately per day. If you have allergy to honey, instead of it and water use the skin lotion.

5. Try to remove reddenings by means of means on the basis of camomile. Broths, spirits, masks, etc. approach. Such means not only bleach skin and delete reddenings, but also effectively clean pores and interfere with emergence of inflammatory processes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team