How quickly to remove reddening from pimple

How quickly to remove reddening from pimple

Pimples on the face – the chagrin of many girls, but is worse if the pimple has swollen up at the most inappropriate moment when it is made a date or tickets, for example, for concert are bought. The unenviable position can be saved if in time to take some measures.

It is required to you

  • - aspirin;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - yeast;
  • - scarlet;
  • - milk;
  • - clay;
  • - mint;
  • - boric alcohol;
  • - honey.


1. Make mask of aspirin. For this purpose pound tablets in water – take on 1 drop on 1 piece on 0.5 mg. Add teaspoon of honey to gruel and well mix. Impose this mix on the place of reddening. Try even to massage a little, rubbing it. In 20-30 minutes wash away warm water. The heat-spot has to disappear quickly, just next day.

2. If you tried to squeeze out eel therefore reddening has turned out, and skin has swelled up a little, try to save situation mask from white or blue clay. Dissolve clay with water so that dense weight has turned out, and put on face. Take for about one hour and wash away. This mask not only will remove reddening, but also will give to skin healthy look.

3. The small reddening which has arisen because of irritation of skin as a result of expression of pimples can be removed by means of lotion from mint. This medicinal plants richly essential oils which calm skin, normalizing blood circulation. Fill in 2 tablespoons of grass with glass of water and bring to boiling. Filter, cool and pour in 1 tsp of lemon juice, 4 tsps of boric alcohol. Wipe with this house lotion face everyone half an hour. The effect occurs very quickly.

4. Make mask of yeast. For this purpose part them with milk to condition of dense sour cream and grease face skin. Wash away mask in half an hour. It is possible to add a little lemon juice to water.

5. The irritation of skin and mask from scarlet removes. It will require the leaves of it of "the house doctor" sustained in the fridge not less than a week. Crush 1-2 leaves scarlet in gruel, add 200 ml of water and let's infuse for about one hour. Then filter and you put on face. Wash away in 15-20 minutes. If to do this procedure each 1-1.5 hours, you will be able to return to skin healthy look this day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team