How quickly to remove wrinkles

How quickly to remove wrinkles

There is a wish to remain as long as possible beautiful and young. But over time the true age of the person is given by wrinkles. Therefore it is necessary to look after face and body carefully, especially later 30. However, if wrinkles pronounced, then in order that quickly to move away them, not to do without special cosmetic procedures any more.


1. Laser rejuvenation will allow to suspend quickly and without serious consequences process of aging and again will make your skin smooth and elastic. At the heart of this method the natural principles of rejuvenation. With their help own forces of organism will be used for restoration of integument. The laser starts active production of collagen and elastin. These substances allow to struggle effectively with wrinkles and well smooth skin, especially around eyes.

2. Get rid of wrinkles by means of modern technique of rejuvenation of face skin – mesotherapy. During the procedure the cosmetologist injects special drugs and vitamins under skin. They can differ for each patient as the nature of problems at all different. Antioxidants, amino acids, microelements, etc. are their part. Medicines enter on depth of 1-5 mm into problem face zone. For this purpose use thin needles. After completion of the procedure, elastin and collagen begin to be produced actively. Your skin will become more tightened, young and elastic.

3. Make the rejuvenating Botox injections. They will smooth mimic wrinkles almost instantly. Not only women aged, but also young girls as such wrinkles appear from behind prishchurivaniye of eyes in the sun, the frowned eyebrows and because you wrinkle forehead during laughter address this procedure. The method is recognized around the world and it is considered effective in fight against wrinkles around eyes and other mimic wrinkles.

4. Undergo the procedure of chemical peeling. Under the influence of special acids the upper layers of the skin are removed that stimulates development with collagen organism.

5. Gilauronovy acid is also applied to fight against wrinkles. Many means for injections incorporate it. You can complete course of pricks and if wrinkles not really deep, it is quite possible to manage gels and creams with small concentration of acid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team