How quickly to return beauty after rough holidays

How quickly to return beauty after rough holidays

It is possible to return beauty after holidays only by means of package of measures directed to restoration of organism after plentiful libation and also return to face skin of habitual color, and to hair of former gloss and smoothness.

Birthday of the best friend or wedding of the cousin has passed on "hurrah"? Now time to pay for enormous fun, plentiful libation and sleepless night has come. It is necessary to take urgently measures for recovery of complexion, leveling of dryness of skin and hair. The first that it is necessary to make – to try to remove out of organism residues of alcohol. "Analginum", Upsarin or aspirin can help with it. Well cleans organism from disintegration products succinic acid. You should not listen to councils of the "well-wishers" recommending to help with wineache, this option does not bring to good. It is necessary to drink as much as possible water quicker to restore normal activity of bodies and systems, and to fill lack of intercellular liquid. Black strong tea and coffee will not be suitable for these purposes, it is better to make green or grassy. Fruit drink - cranberry or cowberry will help to facilitate state.

Fruit drink - cranberry or cowberry will help to facilitate state.

Now it is time to think also of appearance. To return to skin tone, freshness and shine, "Cleopatra's bathtub" will help. For its preparation it is necessary to warm up 1 liter of milk and to stir in it 100 g of honey. But previously skin needs to be cleaned and removed from its surface the keratosic scales. To mix 350 g of sea salt from 200 g of low-fat sour cream and it is good to walk the received structure on skin of hands, hips, legs, buttocks, spins and stomach. After to wash away srub warm water, to fill bathtub, to add to it milk and honey mix and to enjoy minutes 20.

After bathtub to rub almond or any other moisturizing milk in body and to start recovery of complexion. Perfectly the cucumber mask refreshes and moisturizes the skin. This vegetable contains Retinolum eliminating consequences of peeling and dryness. Thiamin has property to rejuvenate, Riboflavinum to normalize skin breath, and ascorbic acid to keep its elasticity. For preparation of mask to mix 2 tablespoons of pulp of cucumber with the same amount of pink water and 1 tablespoon of cream. To put on face, avoiding eye area and to wash away in 30 minutes. At dry skin it is possible to prepare mask on the basis of oat flakes.

At dry skin it is possible to prepare mask on the basis of oat flakes.

It is possible to remove dark circles under eyes by means of usual black tea. To make one bag in glass of water and to cool a little. To moisten as a part of two cotton pads and to impose them on eyes. Procedure duration – 20–30 minutes. After all taken measures it is possible to put thick layer of the usual day cream for the person on face. Hair also need rehabilitation after holidays. One washing with shampoo and conditioner is not enough. To restore structure of hair after laying phenom, nippers or waves on hair curlers it is possible by means of such nutritious fruit and vitamin mask: to shake up in blender bowl half of banana, ¼ part of avocado, melon piece, 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt and on one ampoule of vitamin E and B6 vitamin. To rub mix in head skin, and after evenly to distribute on all length of hair by means of hairbrush. In 25 minutes to wash away warm water. You should not forget also about hands. They can be indulged with such mask: to boil 2 potatoes, to pound and mix with milk before obtaining uniform consistence. To grease with the received structure skin of hands and to leave minimum for 1 hour. After to wash away water and to apply usual cream. All these above measures will help to return beauty after rough holidays.

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