How quickly to sunbathe in the sun

How quickly to sunbathe in the sun

Having got out to the sun, there is a wish to receive equal suntan of beautiful shade as soon as possible. But it is important not to do harm to organism also. Quickly to sunbathe, it is necessary to use cosmetic and folk remedies and also to adhere to certain diet.

It is necessary to take care of obtaining beautiful suntan to exit to the sun.

It is very important to begin to drink vitamins E, And yes With, promoting improvement of integuments. During stay in the sun skin loses moisture. Vitamin medicines will help to avoid dryness and flabbiness.

Before going to the beach, it is necessary to purify skin by means of srub, especially standing. The procedure will remove the died-off parts. On the purified skin the suntan will turn out more equal and remains longer.

If there is a wish quickly better to sunbathe, have a rest on the bank of reservoir. The water surface reflects ultraviolet rays that strengthens their impact on skin.

On the beach it is necessary to spend actively time, at the same time suntan will turn out uniform, and the probability of burns will decrease. To fans to acquire tan in horizontal position will not prevent to turn over more often on back or on stomach. It is better to sunbathe in safe time – in morning (up to 11) and evening (after 16) hours.

Quickly to sunbathe, it is possible to apply cosmetics – creams and lotions. They not only increase suntan, but also moisturize and feed the skin. Coconut oil belongs to such means. Its drawing on skin will allow to sunbathe quicker. However, using it, it is necessary to stay in the sun not longer than 30 minutes not to get burn.

It is possible to make independently the coffee oil increasing suntan. For its preparation it is necessary to prepare in glass jar mix from 50 g of natural ground coffee and 100 g of nut oil. To close cover and to sustain week. After that to filter oil and it is possible to use it, applying on body for half an hour to exit to the sun.

The products eaten are also capable to affect susceptibility of skin to suntan since they stimulate formation of melanin.

Quickly consumption of carrots and carrot juice, apricots, tomatoes, eggplants, spinach, cheese, citrus juice will help to sunbathe.

To accelerate suntan standing which often remain white it is necessary not to wipe them after bathing. Droplets of water represent the lenses attracting sunshine.

Application of all recommendations will help to sunbathe and not to do much harm quickly to skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team