How quickly to sunbathe under the open sun

How quickly to sunbathe under the open sun

Suntanned skin looks very attractively and effectively. To receive equal and beautiful suntan under the open sun, it is necessary to look after correctly skin and to have enough time that she has managed to get golden shade at the order. It is necessary to apply some cunnings to faster result.

Preparation for beach vacation

For obtaining beautiful suntan it is enough to some people to spend 2-3 days on the beach, others – need several weeks. If your holiday does not allow to expect long beach vacation, begin to prepare for it in advance.

Buy in drugstore vitamins for skin and begin to accept them. From stay in the sun skin strongly loses moisture, in it free radicals collect that leads to aging and appearance of new wrinkles. Vitamin complexes will help to minimize the harm done by the sun.

Include in diet carrot juice which contains large amount of beta carotene (provitamin A) necessary for production of melanin – suntan pigment. Best of all provitamin A is acquired in the presence of fats – drink carrot juice with sour cream or small amount of vegetable oil. Except carrots, apricots, peaches, melons, pumpkins, watermelons contain beta carotene. In production of melanin the large role is also played by amino acid tyrosine. It contains in animal products: meat, fish, liver and also in avocado, haricot, almonds. Two times a week use body scrubs and for the person. As skin cells constantly die off, suntan can turn out uneven and unstable, and when using srub young skin gets more beautiful and uniform shade. After the procedure surely use the moisturizing creams or lotions. If there is opportunity, before holiday several times visit sunbed. Begin with short sessions – on 1-2 minutes. Then on the beach in the first days you will be able to sunbathe a little longer.

How quickly to sunbathe in the sun

In the first days on vacation under the open sun it is possible to be no more than 15-20 minutes. Then time can gradually be increased till 1 o'clock. During the period from 11 to 16 o'clock it is impossible to sunbathe – at this time the sun the most active. Do not forget to use sun-protection creams. When choosing this means you remember that the skin is lighter, the above there has to be protection factor. It is possible to accelerate process of production of melanin and darkening of skin by means of suntan creams stimulators. These means allow to reduce stay time for the sun, moisturize the skin and promote fast manifestation of uniform golden shade. Quicker also natural cosmetic oils help to sunbathe. They nourish skin, moisten it, strengthen production of melanin and protect skin from presenilation. Some cosmetic oils for suntan are produced with sun-protection filters – such means will be suitable for light skin. Dark-complexioned girls can only use oils without UV filters.

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