How quickly to take away the second chin

How quickly to take away the second chin

Emergence of the second chin is widespread problem of women after 30 flyings. After clarification of the reason it is necessary to look after skin of face and neck quickly to get rid of outer defect.

The second chin brings discomfort and causes emergence of complex. Effective elimination of outer defect is reached only after establishment of the reason. Major factors are: - genetic predisposition; - wrong bearing;

- availability of excess weight; - sharp decrease in body weight;

- wrong choice of pillows.

When using for dream of very soft pillows the head holds the wrong position that gradually leads to emergence of the second chin.

Operational intervention. If there is a wish to take away quickly the second chin, without spending force and time for cosmetic procedures, it is possible to ask for the help cosmetic surgeons. The essence of operation consists in elimination of excess fatty tissue and tension of skin. The result appears practically right after healing of seams. But it is worth remembering that unbalanced food, non-compliance with healthy lifestyle leads to repeated formation of the second chin. Besides, surgical intervention represents rather serious stress for human body. Cosmetic procedures. They can be carried out with ease to house conditions without use of expensive medicines. The fastest and easy ways of disposal: - massage with use of honey;

Honey massage can cause allergic reaction therefore before holding session it is necessary to consult the doctor.

- rubbing in of mix from the crushed greens of parsley and hot milk; - daily wiping by ice cubes; - compresses of their lemon juice. Special gymnastics. Quickly to get rid of the second chin, it is necessary to give 10-15 minutes a day to execute simple exercises: - to squeeze teeth pencil and visually to write various letters or figures in air; - to sit down directly, to prop up two fists chin and to try to hang the head down; - to lay down on back and, having raised the head, to record view on foot for 3-5 seconds. At regular implementation of house procedures, skin can return quickly enough elasticity, to get rid of flabbiness of skin, to remove fat layer and to restore face form. Similar advice will help to remain beautiful and attractive even at mature age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team