How to accelerate growth of body

How to accelerate growth of body

Tall men and women looked majestically and beautifully at all times. Even if growth of the girl of 166-167 cm, it is already good if she is slender. Growth is influenced by many factors including food, and way of life. Therefore if you want to have high growth, you need to adhere to some way of life.


1. Growth of human body - the main indicator of his health and force. Human bones begin to grow with the childhood, and their strengthened development begins in 10-15 years. Further growth of body slows down, coming to the end at the age of 22-25. There are many various factors which affect human height, from which it is possible to distinguish the main: - genetic predisposition; - food; - way of life; - factors of the external environment. Naturally, it is possible not to think of what growth there will be child if his father and mother have small growth. However in practice usually growth of parents is various. In that case it is necessary to find arithmetic average between their growth and on its basis to make the forecast concerning growth of the child. However the probability that such forecast will come true is low. As a rule, the child inherits gene of growth of only one of parents.

2. Food - one of the important factors affecting human height. It is known that the more the person uses in the diet of calcium, the quicker it grows. Calcium contains in milk and dairy products. Also in large numbers it is present at wheat and rye grain. Proteins are construction material for all cages of organism. At the shortage of proteins growth not only of bones, but also muscles and also internals slows down. Fats also play important role in development of all organism. Therefore during the teenage period it is necessary to receive all elements demanded in order that bone grewstrongof and healthy with food. Vitamin D also strengthens bones. It generally contains in fish and seafood. Besides calcium, also phosphorus is necessary for bones. The cod, pollock and other species of fish are rich with it.

3. The mobile way of life not only prolongs life, but also accelerates growth of organism. Bones and muscles under the influence of run or foot walk develop much quicker, than at hypodynamia. Therefore since the early childhood, it is necessary to accustom the child to morning exercises, sport. In order that muscles were plastic, it is necessary to do gymnastics. Run, walks in the woods, swimming, skis and pipits - all this not only tempers organism, but also stimulates growth of bones and muscles without any hormonal medicines.

4. Future mothers have to preserve themselves against any diseases as the growth rate of the child is defined even during its pre-natal development. Any infection can make adverse effect on the hormonal system of mother, so, and the child that can cause dwarfism or, on the contrary, giantism. Also it is necessary to observe competent diet during pregnancy. Newborn children are also subject to various diseases which influence also growth of muscles and bones. That it has not occurred, protect children from cold, in time do all necessary inoculations, give to the child vitamins.

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