How to accelerate growth of bristle

How to accelerate growth of bristle

Speed of growth of hair, cell regeneration and all vital processes is put at the genetic level. But only the nature it is possible to outwit, for this purpose it is not necessary to do something special.


  1. Speed of growth of bristle depends not only on genes, calcium level in organism, but also on hormones. If there is hormonal failure, all your efforts will be futile, and in other cases, growth of bristle can be accelerated with ease. If vegetation on face grows too slowly, shave it and start everything anew. Sometimes growth is activated after shaving, but also it cannot be guaranteed. Therefore if results already considerable and to you there are not enough for happiness only 2 mm, put edge away for later better.
  2. In drugstores the special means Monoksidil is on sale, it also has derivative analogs Rogain and Regeyn. You can get any which you will only find in the nearest drugstore. Lotion accelerates growth of hair in that area to which you will put it. Has absolutely harmless structure, in it there are no hormones and dyes. But will not be suitable for sensitive skin as contains alcohol in the structure.
  3. Mix castor and burdock oil in equal parts and apply on bristle. You hold 1-2 hours then wash away warm soap water. Do so twice a week and already through short period you will notice positive result. Also you gain good side effect in the form of improvement of condition of face skin.
  4. Remember that growth of hair and bristle, including depends on receipt in organism of vitamins and minerals. Take courses any complex drug suitable you. It is usually necessary to accept 30 days vitamins and to do 15 days of break.
  5. Good nutrition with the use not only of animal products, but also grain and also fruit and vegetables normalizes exchange processes, and you will achieve the fastest result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team