How to accelerate growth of eyelashes

How to accelerate growth of eyelashes

Long fluffy eyelashes look smartly, they give to look expressiveness and attractiveness. That is why women try to extend the cilia in any known ways, for example, increase them. If you do not want to use saloon services, try to accelerate growth of eyelashes available means.


1. The correct eyelash care promotes acceleration of their growth. One of rules of such leaving: it is impossible to leave eyes made up for the night at all. Before going to bed surely remove make-up as its remains can cause irritation of gentle eyelid skin and also to become the reason of fragility and loss of cilia. Use at the same time cosmetic milk or other means for removal of make-up (usual soap cannot be applied because its use accelerates emergence of wrinkles and strongly dries skin).

2. Daily in the morning and before going to bed comb cilia special brush. For this purpose, for example, you can use usual brush from mascara or brush for eyebrows. Such massage will strengthen blood circulation and will accelerate their growth of eyelashes. For strengthening of effect drip on brush of a little olive, almond, castor or other vegetable oil. The choice of any given oil depends on condition of eyelashes. So, if cilia dense, but short, use castor oil (it will strengthen their growth), and on thin and short you put almond.

3. For strengthening of eyelashes and acceleration of their growth you apply on them nutritious mixes. To make such "delicacy", take 15 drops of castor oil, 15 drops burdock or sea-buckthorn, 2 drops of vitamin A and as much E. Mix components, then pour ready cocktail in bottle from under old ink. Apply such mask on eyelashes in the evening after removal of make-up, leave nutritious structure for 25-27 minutes, and later remove residues of oil mix by means of cotton tampon.

4. Magically cornflowers or pharmaceutical camomile infusion affects eyelashes. Prepare it from 1 tablespoon of flowers of centaureas or inflorescences of camomile and 1 glass of boiled water. Fill in raw materials with water, infuse mix 22-24 hours, then filter. Moisten cotton pads in the prepared infusion, put them on eyelids and leave compress for 20-25 minutes. Such procedures not only accelerate growth of eyelashes, but also are effective in fight against syndrome of tired eyes.

5. Accelerate growth of cilia by means of the nutritious structure prepared from such components: the crushed greens of parsley, juice of aloe and castor oil (ratio 1:1:1). Cover with ready gruel eyelashes and eyelid skin, leave nutritious weight for 10-15 minutes. Shift residues of cosmetic in glasswares, densely to zakuporta and place capacity in the fridge. You store this cosmetic no more than 3 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team