How to accelerate growth of hair

How to accelerate growth of hair

There is myth that to force hair it is impossible grow quicker. However it is actually enough to carry out several rules to grow long curls and to make them more dense.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, scissors, oil, egg yolk, onions, apple cider vinegar


  1. Time in one and a half-two months surely cut hair even if you let grow them. If not to cut off the splitting ends which are constantly formed even at the correct leaving hair will lose healthy look and will begin to break.
  2. Regular massage of head skin stimulates growth and density of hair. That everything was correct, do it with use of oils.
  3. Try to recover hair mask from egg yolks. Nutrients in yolks improve condition of hair so the last strike with the magnificence, poslushnost and gloss. The mask is preparing without special efforts: accurately separate yolk from protein, discharge of squirrels through small opening in shell. Grease with yolk hair and leave it on the head for several minutes. Head skin will become healthier that it will allow hair grow as fast as possible.
  4. It is necessary to eat to be able correctly, too what you accept in food, influences also condition of your curls. It is a lot of vitamins B to your food – means, hair will receive valuable substances and use them for the benefit. Therefore it is recommended to take all the most useful of dishes with the increased content of proteins (ryaba, meat and eggs). There are not enough vitamins A, In and With – means, fragility and dryness of hair – your inevitable satellite.
  5. It is not enough to wash up the head shampoo, also the conditioner is necessary. And if you have appeared in chair before the hairdresser, ask it about the restoring mask. But it is possible to carry out this procedure and houses. You want smooth as silk, hair – look after them, as behind flower. Feed them with essential oils which are useful to both body, and hair. Only several minutes with mask from these components – and you will admire result.
  6. Onions water – means severe, but can play crucial role in fight for healthy long hair. Boil several bulbs, and from under them cool water and rinse hair. Onions water will add them special gloss.
  7. At last, one more national cunning: after washing of the head shampoo rinse hair water with several drops of apple cider vinegar. It will soften your curls and will add them gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team