How to accelerate growth of hair in house conditions

How to accelerate growth of hair in house conditions

Many girls dream of long and healthy hair, in them the female force, magnetism which attracts men's views is concealed. Unfortunately, hair grow not so quickly. But to affect, force to grow in your forces curls with the maximum speed by means of effective masks.

Healthy nutrition

With food of people has to receive all necessary construction materials for skin, nails and hair. First of all, it is necessary to lean on vegetables and fruit, nuts and sunflower seeds, eggs, dairy products and fish more. Daily use linseed or olive oil, adding to salads. See doctor that he appointed suitable polyvitamins or vitamin and mineral complex. It is very important to drink every day enough water, you always carry with yourself small bottle with mineral water.

Have more a rest and be exposed to stresses and depressions less. Begin to play sports – it will do good not only to your body, but also hair. Smoking and alcohol intake are incompatible with beautiful long hair.

Pepper mask for growth of hair

Pepper tincture is excellent means for acceleration of growth of hair, it can be prepared independently in house conditions (the pod of red pepper needs to be insisted on oil within three weeks), and it is possible to get in drugstore. To prepare mask, take tablespoon of pepper tincture and mix with two spoons of any vegetable oil, add two drops of vitamins A and E in oil look. Evenly apply the prepared mask to head skin by means of cotton tampon. Wrap up the head and you hold within twenty minutes. If the mask strongly pinches, next time it is necessary to part it with two tablespoons of kefir.

Burning just also stimulates hair to growth. You part pepper mask with oils and kefir, so you keep head skin from peresushivaniye.

Massage of the head – the best means for growth of hair

Self-massage of the head – great way of strengthening of head of hear and acceleration of growth of hair. Massage causes the strengthened blood circulation. Mass head skin fingertips diversely. Moving from the top to forehead, from temples to the top, from nape to the top. Begin with easy movements, gradually increase pressure. Finish massage with easy strokings.

Consider that during massage sebaceous glands begin to work actively, active release of skin fat on the head begins.

The main thing at the same time – regularity. Massage has to give you pleasure. Carry out it daily, allocating 5-10 minutes (it is possible to use massage brush from natural materials, it is enough to comb head of hear diversely). It is possible to achieve the best effect, having applied on fingers of a little warm oil (castoric, olive, burdock). After massage of the head walk fingers on the back surface of neck. It not only weakens and strengthens inflow of blood to head skin, but also will help to accelerate growth of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team