How to accelerate growth of mustache

How to accelerate growth of mustache

Hormonal changes during puberty at boys are made by significant changes to their appearance. The children's down on face is replaced by more rigid pilosis. So gradually there are mustache and beard. However sometimes process is late and forces the youth to feel like still the child. But internal stabilization of organism helps to accelerate this phenomenon.


  1. Puberty of boys is followed by the intensive growth of bone skeleton, the muscle bulk strengthened by production of men's hormone of testosterone. On all these processes the improbable amount of construction material, i.e. proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and especially vitamins and microelements is required. Often in it the life period the organism has their deficiency. Work endocrine and many other systems directly or indirectly influencing emergence of secondary sexual characteristics, including growth of mustache and beard is as a result broken.
  2. To avoid lag in sexual development the teenagers need good nutrition and regular intake of vitamins A, E, C, D, groups B and also minerals - calcium, iron and zinc. Zinc is of special value for male body. Its source is beer yeast, wheaten germs, pumpkin seed, oat flakes, onions, egg yolk, corn, nuts and fish. However you should not abuse this element in the form of ready medicine. Everything that moderately is useful. Its surplus can result in deficiency of copper – not less important for organism.
  3. It should be taken into account that intake of vitamins is not enough for stabilization of hormonal background, it is necessary to meet still and conditions for their assimilation. And it is only necessary to refuse for all this addictions, such as smoking and alcohol and to exclude the products promoting removal from organism of many useful substances. Those that contain taste substitutes concern them. Their large number is present at croutons and chips. Sweet carbonated drinks are not less dangerous to the growing organism. They displace acid-base balance for which restoration calcium is spent.
  4. The healthy nutrition, vitamin therapy, sufficient physical activity, lack of addictions, hardening, stay in the fresh air gradually normalize internal processes and stabilization of hormonal background promote. In turn it favors to full physical development, emergence of male signs and growth of mustache and beards.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team