How to accelerate process of growth of hair

How to accelerate process of growth of hair

Many women dream to have long and beautiful hair, however not all can brag of dense and long head of hear. You can just sit and wait when your hair grow, and can take some measures to accelerate this process.

It is required to you

  • - olive oil, yolk, vitamin E;
  • - burdock oil, vitamin E, B6 vitamin;
  • - sea-buckthorn oil.


  1. Surely draw close attention to your food allowance. It has to be balanced and full, protein-rich, minerals and vitamins.
  2. Conduct healthy and active lifestyle – refuse cigarettes and alcohol, as far as possible play sports.
  3. Do not subject your hair to frequent chemical wave, coloring and drying phenom. Try to preserve them against direct sunshine in the flying.
  4. Every day, better before going to bed, 7-10 minutes brush hair with brush in all directions. Then they will be dense and brilliant, their growth will accelerate.
  5. At least once a week do massage of head skin - it is effective way, not only the accelerating growth of hair but also strengthening them.
  6. Try such option of massage: mix spoon of olive oil, yolk, three drops of vitamin E (oil). After association of these ingredients apply mix directly to head skin. Then circular motions of finger-tips softly massage the head about 10 minutes and after this let's hair have a rest half an hour. Then, having washed up hair with shampoo, apply the moisturizing balm on even moist hair. After 2-3 minutes wash away it, applying warm water. Dry up hair in the natural way - do not use the hair dryer. At opportunity replace olive oil almond.
  7. Mix burdock oil, vitamin E (5 drops) and B6 vitamin (1 tablespoon), apply this mix on the head and you hold it 1 hour then, as usual, wash away shampoo.
  8. Use mask from sea-buckthorn oil. If you are blonde, then do not apply better this oil as it can cause yellowing of the clarified hair. Apply sea-buckthorn oil on hair, easily rubbing it in head skin. Leave mask on hair for hour, then wash away it warm water with use of shampoo. At regular use of this plain mask growth of your hair will accelerate, according to those who applied it, to three centimeters a month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team