How to accelerate skin regeneration

How to accelerate skin regeneration

Skin cell regeneration speed, or regeneration, depends on numerous factors. First of all this process is caused by the speed of recovery processes in organism, balanced diet and direct skin care.

  • - peeling;
  • - srub;
  • - mask;
  • - cream;
  • - vitamins;
  • - pharmaceutical medicines;
  • - beauty equipment procedures.

1. In house conditions for acceleration of processes of regeneration use srubs or chemical peelings after which the regenerating masks and creams will get into deeper layers that will help to restore skin cells much quicker.

2. After the procedure of clarification you put the regenerating mask. Add to it 2 drops of vitamin E, With and to A. Musk you put not less than 2-3 times a week. In addition accept polyvitamins or you carry out monotherapy by means of vitamins A, E and Page.

3. Include dairy and lactic products, olive oil, carrots, kiwi in food allowance. Large amount of vitamin A is present at fat, meat, fish of fat grades.

4. Daily use face cream with complex of elastin, keratins and collagen. All regenerating creams contain complex of these substances and allow to accelerate regenerative processes several times.

5. Undergo complex of procedures in beauty shop. They are directed to clarification of the upper died-off layer of epidermis and to hardware introduction of the regenerating substances which get into deep skin layers. Two courses of cosmetic procedures on 10 sessions everyone help to accelerate regeneration process ten times.

6. It is possible to take the pharmaceutical drugs for the accelerated regeneration only on doctor's orders the dermatologist and under its direct control. The doctor will appoint injections of vitamins of group B, folic acid, With, And, E and also steroid means of Fenobolin, "Methandrostenolone". Biogenic medicines "FiBS", "Honsurid", "Peloidin", "Gumizol", "Aloe Extract".

7. Immunomodulators many times accelerate regenerative processes in skin. The dermatologist appoints Taktivin, Timalin, "Pyrogenal", "Levamisole".

8. For intake to you will appoint karotolin, oil of sea-buckthorn, dogrose, propolis, apilak. The nonspecific pharmaceutical funds allocated for regeneration is Solkoseril, Aktovegin, Tserebrolizin.

9. Intake of medicines without medical prescription is inadmissible as except acceleration of regenerative processes of skin medicines have the mass of side effects and are accepted only if the advantage of reception exceeds potential harm for other bodies.

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