How to accept vitamins for growth of nails

How to accept vitamins for growth of nails

The condition of nails, also as well as skin, is reflection of the internal environment of organism. And they react to any violations or scarce states change of form, color and structure. Most often it occurs at avitaminosis. But if periodically to accept vitamins and minerals which nails need most of all then it is possible to provide them additional food and protection.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins.


1. The main vitamin necessary for growth and health of nails, has recognized vitamin A. But as it is fat-soluble, it is better to accept it at meal time, and containing fats. Besides, it can be drunk in the form of ready medicine. And that it was well acquired, it is better to combine it with vitamin E and microelement selenium.

2. As vitamin A is capable to collect in organism, do not accept it more than two months. Otherwise there will be glut and poisoning. But after all to maintain its necessary quantity, include in diet as much as possible products with its contents. It: carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, green peas, peaches, apricots, liver and dairy products.

3. Group B vitamins, especially B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12 are necessary for the normal growth of nails. If to combine their reception with iron, then it is possible to avoid anemia, one of signs of which is the dryness and fragility of nails. As vitamins of group B belong to water-soluble, and are quickly removed from organism, their receipt has to be daily. Gray grades of bread and grain belong to the products rich with these vitamins.

4. For appearance, health and the good growth of nails vitamin H or biotin is necessary. As at its structure there is sulfur necessary for health of skin, hair and nails, it is recognized as "beauty vitamin". It can be accepted in the form of ready medicine of "Biotin" or to diversify the diet with the products rich with this vitamin. It contains in liver, egg yolk, walnuts, peanut, almonds, sardines, in gray grades of bread, spinach, tomatoes, carrots and cottage cheese.

5. Basis of formation of nails is calcium therefore its receipt has to be daily with products and periodic in the form of ready medicine. And that it was well acquired, it is necessary to combine it with vitamin D and phosphorus. Zinc has the same effect. It improves food of rostkovy part of nail and its further keratinization. Also iron and sulfur are necessary for nails.

6. That vitamins have brought the maximum benefit, they need to be combined in some cases, and in others to accept separately. So, for example, you should not accept calcium and iron together. These two elements are not capable to be acquired at the same time. B12 and Page vitamin is necessary for digestion of iron. For vitamin A – E and selenium. For calcium – D and phosphorus.

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