How to accept vitamins for nails

How to accept vitamins for nails

Each woman can have long beautiful nails now. Do not arrange own - it is possible to increase. But subject of pride are after all, healthy and strong. And if with nails there are problems, it is signal that the organism lacks something.

It is required to you

  • - nettle;
  • - grass shepherd's bag;
  • - alder fruits;
  • - wheat grass root;
  • - elder flowers.


1. The fragile, exfoliating nails sign of lack of organism of vitamins and microelements. Accept special polyvitaminic complexes. That in organism the necessary amount of the necessary substances has collected, take the drug 3 months. And it is even better if the course of reception of vitamin complex makes half of year.

2. Accepting separate vitamins and microelements, you remember that not all of them are compatible with each other. At vitamin E the activity at its use together with iron decreases. Calcium can reduce assimilation by iron organism. Zinc cannot be accepted together with copper, iron and calcium. The surplus in organism of vitamin C will result in the shortage of copper.

3. You watch closely daily norms accepted vitamin and microelements. The overdose, especially minerals, can lead to poisoning.

4. Follow Regulations of Admission of vitamins. Some of them can be accepted only to food, and others – later. Some drugs are taken in the morning, and by some in the evening. Attentively read the instruction.

5. Dietary supplements contain minerals and vitamins necessary for organism. Accept dietary supplements only of famous producers of which you are sure.

6. Do not forget about healthy nutrition. The organism acquires vitamins necessary for your nails from food. Vitamin A contains in kidneys, liver, cod-liver oil, oil, fat cheese. Vitamin E - in vegetable oil, nuts, egg yolks, wheat seeds. Calcium is present at fermented milk products, dogrose, garden cress, sardine, beans, nuts. The microelement, major for organism, selenium contains in pistachios, garlic, lard, coco, sea fish, cepes, eggs, soy.

7. Taste available and effective tea for strengthening of nails according to the national recipe. Take on tablespoon of nettle, shepherd's bag, alder fruits, 2 tablespoons of root of wheat grass, 3 tablespoons of flowers of elder. One tea grass spoons, filled in with glass of boiled water, draw in thermos about 8 hours. Accept 10 days on half glass 4 times a day.

8. If you have serious injuries of nails, see doctor. The expert will recommend more serious medications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team