How to accept vitamins for skin

How to accept vitamins for skin

The lack of vitamins instantly affects health of skin. As a result it begins to be shelled and becomes dry. Besides, on it premature wrinkles can be formed.

1. For health of skin the organism needs daily consumption of number of vitamins. It acquires their most part from food. But not always food is capable to provide standard daily rate. Therefore if you want to keep health of skin and to prolong her youth, accept in addition multivitanminy complexes. They are good the fact that their structure is picked specially up for full assimilation.

2. Vitamin C is most useful to skin. Its elasticity and elasticity provide special proteins - collagen and elastin. They are formed with direct participation of vitamin C. It means that its shortage provokes dryness and peeling. Therefore constantly eat liver, fresh fruit and vegetables, namely all citrus, apples, blackcurrant, sweet pepper, onions and garlic, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes.

3. Vitamin E is not less useful to skin. At its use together with vitamins A and With, on organism the strong antioxidant action takes place. For completion of its deficiency eat nuts, eggs more, drink milk, accept in day on tea spoon of linseed oil.

4. Eat crude carrots with sour cream. It contains large amount of the vitamin A which is considered as beauty secret. Health and appearance of skin depends on it. Consider that this vitamin that in enough to collect in human body, needs some time. Therefore include products with its contents in the daily diet. Use tomatoes, cabbage, peaches, nectarines and apricots, porridges from pumpkin, drink milk.

5. Vitamin B participates in dissolution of fats and carbohydrates. To fill lack of this vitamin it is necessary to eat porridges and also bread of rough grinding in the mornings. Remember that vitamins of group B are easily soluble water, so they are also easily removed from organism. Besides, they not always manage to be acquired therefore surely accept them in addition as a part of vitamin complexes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team