How to accustom hair to hairstyle

How to accustom hair to hairstyle

Long since beautiful and well-groomed hair for the girl were considered as the main ornament. The long braid was considered as embodiment of female beauty and wisdom. The thrifty and caring attitude to hair is explained by it.

If before main and almost only type of hairstyle the braid was, then now the range of female hairstyles just strikes with the versatility. It should be noted that the "brushed" and "styled" hair demand special approach and leaving.

Preparation of hair for hairstyle

At stage of preparation of hair for hairstyle special attention should be paid to the main factors: - to type of hair: fat, normal or dry;

- to the volume of hair: thin, rare or dense.

The way of adaptation of hair to hairstyles will depend on above-mentioned factors. Normal, dry, low-fat and not fine hair is recommended to be washed up on the eve of the planned visit of salon. It is necessary in order that hair have qualitatively dried, when washing they absorb in themselves large amount of moisture and completely are capable to dry not earlier than 3 hours after washing. Also it is not recommended to go to bed with just washed up head as during sleep hair can incorrectly lay down and "zalomatsya" and if hair also dense - it is simple not to dry. Phenom it is possible to dry hair, but it is desirable volume, without dividing them. It is necessary to consider that only dry hair will be able to keep hairstyle. Important approach in the course of schooling of hair to hairstyle plays care for them: treatment and restoration. It is necessary to look after hair systematically, and not just on the eve of forthcoming "test" by hairstyle.

Correct hair care

To accustom hair to certain hairstyle, they should be made obedient, and the correct leaving which consists in simple recommendations is for this purpose necessary. So, it is worth using shampoos only for your type hair, whenever possible professional series. After washing of the head, shampoo is recommended to use balm or the conditioner that hair were obedient and had beautiful view. When using hair conditioner the experts recommend to put it from the middle of hair to tips to avoid the excessive fat content of roots of hair. It is necessary to minimize action of thermal factors also: use of the hair dryer, thermohair curlers, curling irons. For prevention systematic use of medical masks will be suitable for hair. It is obligatory to straighten tips regularly. Has the considerable impact and healthy nutrition saturated with vitamins and microelements, necessary for growth of hair, on state and appearance of hair. If the forthcoming hairstyle consists in creation of beautiful curls, then use of mask, balm or the conditioner after washing of the head the day before it is necessary to cancel. It is possible to accustom hair to frequent hairstyles, but it is necessary to remember that any hairstyle is in thermal impact on hair that demands preliminary leaving.

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