How to accustom hair to rare washing

How to accustom hair to rare washing

Well-groomed, fresh hair - it is always beautiful and gives to self-confidence. There is a wish to keep this feeling as long as possible. Here several advice to those who are in process of breaking of hair from private washing.

 It is very convenient to wash the head one-two in week, especially on trips and saves not only money, but also time. By itself, the more often to wash hair, the quicker they are soiled, take "non-commodity" form. Therefore if you have set goal – as seldom as possible to wash the head, then it is necessary to have patience.

During what period of time to begin to wash less often hair – it is not important. In the flying the head sweats from heat, in the winter – headdresses promote fast pollution of hair. Therefore as have decided to increase time between washing of hair, and begin to do it gradually.

If your hair are quickly soiled, so they tend to the fat content or all length or at roots. Therefore, first, select only special means for washing of hair: shampoos, conditioners, conditioners for hair, fat, inclined to fat content, or oily hair at roots and dry on tips.

At the same time, read attentively instructions about application of these means. If in them it is specified what needs to be washed away right after drawing – and do. If it is necessary to sustain any time – do not overdo and do not wash away earlier.

If you are not inclined to allergy, it is possible to add one-two drops of tea tree oil to the conditioner or conditioner, it well dries roots. But do not go too far in quantity of drops because it is possible to get head skin burn.

Secondly, it is necessary to wash hair with shampoo two times. Try and you will notice at once that freshness to remain longer. After shampoo surely use the conditioner or conditioner. Well wash out hair, do not feel sorry on it for time.    

Thirdly, pay attention to the hairbrush. It should not be dirty and greased. Otherwise, you just evenly distribute fat on hair. It is good to use wooden hairbrushes or crests.   

Now several councils how to experience inconveniences from stale hair: braid hair in braids, do hair "cone", "bunch". If there is bang, it is possible to refresh it. Do not comb hair often.  

When absolutely unbearable use dry shampoo or powder roots of hair special powder. Hair will begin to look fresher and, at the same time, to appear additional volume.

It is not obligatory to take big break between softening at once. It is better to do it gradually: at first to wash in two days within two weeks. Then in 3 days, for example, month and so on.  

Normal rate to wash hair – once a week. To accustom hair to such mode it is real for half a year or even earlier – depends on your firmness. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team