How to achieve ashy hair color

How to achieve ashy hair color

Ashy - one of the most harmful and exacting shades. But at the same time it dream of many women because gives to image refinement and cold tenderness. To be painted in equal beautiful ashy hair color very difficult. But there are several secrets how to achieve ideal color.

It is required to you

  • - paint;
  • - special hairdresser's tools;
  • - paint for decolorization.


  1. Such color is ideal for girls with cold type of appearance. Before being painted ashy, be convinced that you white-skinned and with blue eyes. Also skin has to be in perfect tune. Ashy strongly emphasizes all shortcomings on face. And it even enhances these defects several times. Besides? it is necessary to remember that ashy color can make old the owner considerably. It will occur if the woman has mimic wrinkles.
  2. Hair care and their moistening - guarantee of successful coloring in ashy color. That to receive it, not one procedure is necessary. And each of them considerably spoils quality of hair. And even if color turns out equal after several colourings, then without moistening the hair look dry and lifeless.
  3. To receive ashy shade on dark hair, they at first need to be clarified. However it is better to entrust such procedure to professionals not to spoil the hair at the initial stage of transformation into the ashy-fair-haired blonde. Painting red, fair and dark hair in ashy, very often receive greenish and yellowish shade. Coloring means - ashy, violet or silvery will help to cope with it. They will muffle this shade and will help to level color. To become the easiest the owner of ashy shade to the light blonde. It is possible to achieve noble shade, having dyed hair without additional decolorization.
  4. Ashy shade - color mysterious, but very whimsical. Except that when coloring it is difficult to achieve necessary tone, so it also is very whimsical in leaving. Experts recommend: you want to keep longer color after coloring - make lamination. Then the ashy shade will not grow dim 3 weeks. Besides, it is necessary for maintaining color to use delicate colored hair shampoos. Observing these recommendations, you will be able to create image mysterious the woman cold and gentle at the same time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team