How to achieve ashy shade

How to achieve ashy shade

The ashy shade of hair concerns the most whimsical and unstable. In search of the means giving noble cold outflow, women experiment with hair and are painted in green, blue and violet tone. How to achieve beautiful ashy shade from the first?

It is required to you

  • - hair-dye;
  • - oxidizer;
  • - mikston.


  1. When coloring use paints of cold shades - they have in the name of the word "nacreous", "pearl", "ashy", "platinum", "sandre".
  2. Give preference to professional tools for coloring. The difference in the price between them and the paints which are on sale in shops of household chemicals is small, but with saloon cosmetics it is simpler to predict result which it will turn out on hair after coloring. Besides, professional paints allow to pick up the necessary percent of the oxidizer used when coloring that is important for those who care for condition of hair. Oxidizer with high content of peroxide is justified only in case of strong decolorization of hair whereas at clarification on 2-3 tones it only overdries hair.
  3. Get so-called mikstona – the dyes strengthening certain shades on hair or neutralized undesirable tone. Mikstona usually are on sale in shops of professional cosmetics, besides, they can be ordered on the Internet. For giving to hair of ashy shade colors are used gray, blue and green (it is also called by anti red). They are added to paint mix with oxidizer before drawing on hair. Quantity of the mikston necessary for coloring in any given tone, variously for different producers. It is specified in the instruction in centimeters since mikstona before addition to the painting weight are squeezed out from tube on ruler.
  4. If you want to give ashy shade to already available hair color, use bezammiachny paint to match suitable to it. Also you can tint hair usual paint of ashy shade, using weak oxidizer – 1.8%. Thanks to the low content of peroxide the toning will not damage to hair, and will only give the necessary shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team