How to achieve beautiful and healthy nails

How to achieve beautiful and healthy nails

Many girls dream of strong, healthy nails which would not break and did not exfoliate and also attractively looked. For this purpose it is necessary to use the whole package of measures which will allow to make nails beautiful, and all this can achieve by own efforts.

Let's allocate at first the main problems with nails which can arise at each woman. Mainly, the lack of necessary quantity of microelements and vitamins and also negative impact of the environment has negative impact on nail plate. Besides, the lack of comprehensive care seriously spoils their state.

Councils for leaving

So, in order that nails always looked attractively important to watch that they were clean and dry. This measure will allow you to prevent emergence under nails of bacteria or microbes. Regular leaving is reliable prevention of emergence of fungus. Besides, during house cleaning when there is use of chemicals, do not forget to use rubber gloves.

The second council for care for nails – regularly cut them, it is for this purpose better to apply special nippers, and to carry out the procedure after acceptance of bathtub when the nail plate is softened.

Plain care products

To give to nails, well-groomed and attractive use various hand creams, without forgetting to use it and for toes.

But in order that nails were strong and healthy, daily it is worth doing baths. Experts recommend to use in this case apple cider vinegar and vegetable oil which should be mixed in small capacity in proportion 1:1. After that place nails in the received substance and repeat the procedure every evening at least for two weeks.

For improvement of efficiency of this procedure, it is possible to add 8-12 drops of lemon juice, 3-4 drops of iodine or five drops of vitamin A to structure of bath, in the form of oil solution. After the procedure try not to wash away some time mix from fingers.

For comprehensive care and improvement of nails, except baths, it is necessary to do special masks. So, the pepper mask will become excellent growth factor, and wax will strengthen basis, will eliminate with that fragility of nails.

To receive pepper mix, it is necessary to mix 1/2 part of teaspoon of chili powder in ten drops of water, having added nutritious cream to the received solution. After that the received mix should be warmed up and cooled, applied on nails with even layer and to hold no more than 20 minutes.

For creation of mask from wax it is necessary to kindle by means of water bath a little of wax into which to dip nails for moment. Then move fingers to cold water that wax has better stiffened. Try not to remove for two hours wax from nails.

To keep nails healthy and strong, it is not necessary to allow them dehydration, and for this purpose it is regularly necessary to rub vaseline in cuticle. The castor oil rich in vitamin E can become alternative to vaseline.

Quality cosmetics

Force and natural beauty of nails depends also on means for varnish removal. In this case it is worth remembering that the liquid containing formaldehydes or acetone is very harmful not only to nails, but also in general to organism. Such structure it is guaranteed will dry up nail plate, will make it fragile and weak.

And finally it should be noted importance of the correct work with tools for nails. It is necessary to polish nail plate only in one direction, fuss by the tool to and fro will result only in deplorable result, damage of surface and fragility of nail. Besides, alternative to metal nail files which excessively scratch and damage nail plate, will become glass that is filed delicately and softly.

Nails of legs

Taking care of nails on hands, you should not forget about legs. Basic nail care standing requires attention perhaps even more, than on hands. The plate of nails standing suffers from various external continuous influences, for example, of unsuccessfully picked up footwear, bad food or frequent use of cosmetics for nails much stronger.

Well and in end it would be desirable to sum up the result – secretion of healthy and beautiful nails consists in comprehensive and regular care, use of quality cosmetics and healthy nutrition. Following the above advice, your nails as on hands, and standing, will always be in excellent state!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team