How to achieve beautiful blond

How to achieve beautiful blond

Presently any woman can turn with ease into the blonde. For this purpose at all the large sum of money for coloring in salon will not be required. It can achieve beautiful blond to each woman in house conditions. But that the result has pleased you, follow several rules.


  1. Keep in mind that if your hair very dark then to receive desirable result after the first coloring it will, hardly, turn out. Dark hair very badly give in to clarification. Even if you will leave paint for 60-70 minutes, the effect which is reached by owners of fair hair will not be. In this case the procedure of coloring is repeated in several days or resort to toning of hair thanks to which they looking more naturally.
  2. Be not afraid to be clarified in house conditions. Many means are created for independent application therefore difficulties in the course of coloring should not arise. But do not forget that clarification is chemical process which influences hair quite harmful. After it your curls can become drier and fragile. Therefore after coloring surely use shampoos, masks and fair hair balms. They will help to recover them beauty and health.
  3. Before starting clarification of hair, prepare all necessary: towel not to soil clothes, hairbrush, brush for putting paint. Do not wash the head just before coloring not to wash away protective film. And here carefully it is necessary to comb them.
  4. Before clarification attentively read the instruction. Then mix the clarifying structure according to the instruction, cause it on all length of hair, except for roots. In a few minutes apply the remained paint on roots, evenly distribute it on hair and leave for clarification.
  5. After coloring carefully wash hair with water, and then shampoo. Wring out them and put mask which is usually applied to the clarifying paint. If on your hair there was yellowish shade, use coloring shampoo with blue or violet filler.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team