How to achieve beautiful face skin

How to achieve beautiful face skin

Beautiful, smooth, pure leather draws attention and serves as health indicator. If the woman considers that the condition of the person is perfect, then feels much more surely. To achieve ideal skin, it is necessary to look after constantly it and to do it correctly.

1. Do not wash tap water. It contains many impurity which do not go for the good to your skin. The salts which are contained in water, remaining on face after the water procedure, overdry skin. It is better to use thermal water or filtered.

2. Select cosmetics according to type of your skin. At the wrong selection you will not avoid irritation. Try to get those means as a part of which there is Retinolum.

3. Choose srubs which contain synthetic abrasives for peeling. Their edges are maleficiated and when using they do not injure skin. At dry skin use srubs with fine particles. For fat and mixed – srubs with the content of salicylic or glycolic acid.

4. If you smoke, throw addiction. At least to make face skin beautiful. Smoking gives to skin earthy shade, and it will be overcome not too esthetically. Be not fond of acceptance of solar bathtubs or visit of sunbed. Use sunblock creams. If you constantly suffer from acne rashes, reduce amount of the consumed sugar. Everything that you have eaten, is reflected in your face. And the excess content of sugar in organism creates favorable conditions for reproduction of bacteria.

5. Purify skin not less than two times in day. Daily feed it and humidify. To return to skin healthy look and pleasant color and frequent walks in the fresh air. Right after awakening wipe face skin with ice piece - it will help to narrow pores.

6. Once a week surely do masks. You can use ready, acquired in cosmetic shops or to use national recipes. At dry skin as a part of masks use the fruit mixed with honey, cream, sour cream or yolk. Masks from acid milk and whipped whites are suitable for oily skin better. When drawing on skin you remember that practically not less than 20 minutes are recommended to hold all masks prepared with own hand on face.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team