How to achieve beautiful figure

How to achieve beautiful figure

Each girl has the concept of beautiful figure. For someone 50 kg are already perfection limit, and someone considers that it is already a lot of and aims to lose weight still. Always to be in good shape, there are several ways of weight reduction and correction of figure.


1. The first of them is physical activity without special diet. Of course, it is necessary to understand that if after the training you come home and at 11 in the evening you will eat plate of borsch and you will drink three cups of tea with cakes, then all efforts spent for acquisition beautifulof figures in the gym will come to nothing.

2. First of all, remember the simple rule - try not to overeat for the night and after 12 o'clock in the afternoon to limit itself in consumption of sweet. Of course, all know that at home to be engaged usually laziness therefore if there is money, desire and means, it is necessary to register in dances, swimming or fitness. All exercises which you will do under observation of the trainer will do you good even if you will go to trainings 2-3 times a week. Especially at training you will not be able to be lazy any more and therefore execute all program of loading from beginning to end.

3. The second way of correction of figure - diet. Them great variety is described, but there are several basic principles. The first - or large number of calories have exception of products which strengthen feeling of hunger. It is alcohol, farinaceous food, sugar, sweet sparkling water, boiled beet and carrots, spicy and salty food. For easier diet try to use these products in the first half of day, and after 13 hours you pass to vegetables, fruit, dairy and fermented milk products. Cabbage promotes fast clarification of intestines therefore you will not have problems with digestion.

4. You should not forget about porridges - these products contain cellulose, thanks to it porridges long are digested, and you do not hunger long time. It is worth mentioning addictions of course. Refuse them, and then not only your figure will please your eye, but also the complexion will become smooth and equal, eyes will shine happiness. You do not forget to get enough sleep properly.

5. For many women and girls these rules can seem too difficult, but be sure - hard happens only at first, it is necessary to get it together, and in 2-3 weeks you will feel what ease has appeared in body, this mode of food and trainings will become for you habitual way of life!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team