How to achieve beautiful suntan

How to achieve beautiful suntan

Already one type of beautiful chocolate skin is magnificent and causes admiration of people around. And how many pleasure and self-confidence beautiful suntan delivers to the owner! Not without reason one of main objectives of travel at the sea - to get swarty shade of skin. But the main thing is not to go too far in solar bathtubs. To achieve beautiful and equal suntan rather difficult.


1. Begin to use special suntan preparations some days before acceptance of solar bathtubs. It you will prepare skin for the sun thanks to what receive safe, equal and long suntan.

2. At first, being in the sun, apply the high level of protection – from 25. For achievement of the equal and shining suntan use special peeling creams.

3. Do not forget also means for protection against solar burns. It is possible to get burn in 20-30 minutes, and here on treatment you will spend all the time of the remained holiday.

4. Besides, if you want to receive beautiful suntan and not to burn, sunbathe till 11:00 in the morning and after 17:00.

5. If you on body have birthmarks, grease each of them with special means and daily you watch their state. If you notice any changes, for example, in color or the size, surely see doctor.

6. Pay special attention to skin of face and lips as long stay without means of protection can provoke its premature aging.

7. Having received beautiful and equal suntan in the sun, try to keep it, suntan has property to be washed away. For this purpose it is not obligatory to visit sunbed at all or to use means of autosuntan. It is possible to receive swarty shade also by means of simple and enough available national ways.

8. The products giving to skin effect of suntan are coffee, cocoa and tea. Make strong black tea or coffee, let's cool down and wipe with it daily face and neck. By means of this procedure, skin not only becomes more dark, but also well is refreshed.

9. Face skin can give healthy and ruddy color by means of the refreshing ice cubes from the strong made black tea or natural coffee.

10. Besides, from natural ground coffee it is possible to prepare mask. For this purpose crush coffee beans in the coffee grinder and mix with small amount of water so that kasheobrazny weight was formed. Put mask on face and you hold within 10-15 minutes, then wash cool water. If you have very dry skin, then replace water with vegetable oil. The similar mask can be prepared from cocoa powder.

11. One more folk remedy for giving to skin of effect of suntan are carrots. For preparation of mask rub it on small grater and put on face and neck for 20-30 minutes. Then wash and grease the skin with the moisturizing cream.

12. If skin at you by nature snow-white, then use carrots carefully. Instead of swarty you can receive yellow shade.

13. Magnificent folk remedy for suntan is the grass plant rhubarb. It is necessary to grease skin with its juice twice a day. As juice of rhubarb can cause tightening and dryness of skin, it is better to apply it if you have fat type of skin.

14. For dry skin you can prepare other masks from rhubarb giving effect of suntan: Mix 2 tablespoons of juice from roots of rhubarb with 2 teaspoons of nutritious cream and apply to face skin and necks. It is not obligatory to wash away such mask. Mix 2 tablespoons of sour cream with 3 tablespoons of juice from rhubarb roots. Put mask on face for 30 minutes, then wash warm water.

15. Besides, it is possible to give to skin effect of suntan by means of washing by strong infusion from train and camomile. For preparation of infusion fill in 7-8 tablespoons of mix of these herbs with 1 liter of boiled water, densely cover and leave for 2 hours. Filter and daily in the mornings rinse face with the received broth.

16. And at last, include in the diet more fruit and vegetables of red and orange color (apricots, peaches, carrots, tomato, pumpkin, etc.). Experts say that these products are also capable to give to skin beautiful swarty shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team