How to achieve beauty and youth of the face

How to achieve beauty and youth of the face

Daily work on itself is necessary for maintenance of youth and beauty of the person. To begin to look after the person it is necessary from the earliest age. The wrong leaving or bad selection of the cleaning means for skin can lead to appearance of eels, pigmental spots and angry.


1. Every day you have to sleep not less than six-eight hours. In the course of dream there is much quicker regeneration of fabrics than when you are awake.

2. Try to adhere to the healthy principle of food — to eat as much as possible fruit, vegetables, fresh juice. In the dishes containing sugar — replace it with honey.

3. Drink as much as possible water. It will help to accelerate digestive process and promotes removal of slags from organism. It is also useful to drink drink from warm water with lemon juice and honey.

4. Do not forget to wash in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed. It is desirable not to use soap — instead of it to apply special tonics and lotions to washing.

5. Limit consumption of junk food. Refuse fried and sharp, replace white loaf rye, and white rice — brown. Also excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks will badly affect face skin.

6. Whenever possible protect skin from direct exposure to sunlight. You wear sunglasses — it will help to protect skin around eyes from negative impact of ultraviolet rays. Use cosmetics with UV filters.

7. As face scrub use such recipe: to part the orange-peels crushed to condition of powder with pink water. It is accurate to put the received mix on face massage movements then to wash away warm water. After such procedure it is necessary to moisturize face skin nutritious cream.

8. Once a week use steam baths and face packs. It is possible to add essential oils to baths, so this procedure will bring even more benefit.

9. Do not overload yourself with hard work. Remember that your skin needs rest! Whenever possible reduce quantity of the cigarettes smoked daily, and better at all throw.

10. You go on foot more often. Fresh air is useful to saturation of skin cells oxygen.

11. Allow skin to have a rest. Everyday use of decorative cosmetics will make your skin flabby and dim, try to apply it more rare, and it is obligatory to wash away it before going to bed.

12. The useful procedure for skin of neck and the person — self-massage. There are only three types of receptions being used: pats, easy pinches and strong pointed pressings. Movements should be made from below up, it is necessary to massage face softly that movements did not cause pain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team