How to achieve beauty of hair

How to achieve beauty of hair

Hair are part of image of any person. On their state it is possible to tell a lot of things about the owner, about its attitude towards himself. Therefore it is very important to care for appearance of head of hear. It is good if from the birth it dense, strong, brilliant. But also over the years it is possible to lose such beauty. The type of hair depends on several factors: heredities, health, food and care for them. Approach to problem has to be integrated and individual.

It is required to you

  • Hair care products for your type of hair, healthy nutrition, headdress, warm soft water, eggs, castor and vegetable oil, alcohol, vinegar, broths of herbs, soft towel, hairbrush.


  1. The large role in condition of hair is played by food. If to use many carbohydrates, then they quickly become fat. Low-calorie diets provoke hair loss. Therefore that they were healthy, it is necessary to eat properly. Use fishes, birds, low-fat meat, bean more. They promote growth of hair. Besides, they contain copper which protects you from premature gray hair. In the same purposes eat more green paprika or drink from it juice. For preservation of hair shine eat sea cabbage, yogurt, cottage cheese, quail eggs. Fresh vegetables and fruit contain a lot of cellulose, the useful substances and vitamins necessary for their beauty. If you eat the correct food, then your hair will sparkle beauty from internal harmony of organism.
  2. Hair are loved that they correctly looked after them: combed, washed, did masks. They are very sensitive to temperature change. Therefore protect their cold weather or heats headdress. At hair care it is necessary to define what type at you accurately. And already then to select care products: shampoo, balm, conditioner. It is impossible to wash the head with hot water, from it the head of hear will become fatter and weaker. It is desirable to wash the head with soft, clear water. For this purpose gather water in capacity, boil and let's cool down. Then wash up hair shampoo for your type. If you wash the head several times a week, then it is necessary to apply shampoo once. Using balm or conditioner, observe the instruction. Rinse hair carefully until they begin to creak.
  3. For maintaining beauty of hair it is recommended to do at least once in week masks, to wash and rinse them with house means. The last have big advantage before industrial - naturalness and safety. For dry hair it is possible to make yolk or oil masks. Yolk mask: To mix 1-2 yolks with 1 tablespoon of castor oil. Apply to head skin for 1-2 hours, wash away. Oil mask: 20 gr castor oil mix with 20 gr vegetable add 10 gr dry hair shampoo. In 30 minutes wash away. Dry hair shampoo: the egg yolk is shaken up in 1 liter of warm soft water. For softening of water it is possible to add boric acid, 1/2 teaspoons. After washing of hair shampoo, rinse them with broth of herbs: nettles, poplar, parsley. Remember that it is better to paint dry hair natural dyes. Subject to their drying phenom, chemical wave less.
  4. For washing of oily hair it is possible to prepare such shampoo: 100 gr egg soap small strugat and part in 1/2 glass of the boiling water, then add 25 ml of alcohol. Before washing by such shampoo rub head skin with the shaken-up egg. To improve balance of head skin, it is useful to rub in it kefir or curdled milk. Then to wrap the head in terry towel and in hour to wash away warm water with soap. After washing rinse with infusion of herbs: hop, nettle, birch. It is useful to rinse oily hair the acidified water (1 tablespoon on water liter).
  5. It is necessary to wipe the head soft towel. As soon as it absorbs moisture, dry hair at the room temperature. Comb them in 20 minutes after washing by rare hairbrush. So far hair a little damp, make massage at their roots. It improves blood circulation of head skin, promotes growth and strengthening of hair.

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