How to achieve density of hair in house conditions

How to achieve density of hair in house conditions

Many girls wish to increase length and density of hair. And not everyone is able to afford expensive procedures at professional masters. In this regard there is question: how to achieve saloon effect in house conditions?

Reasons of weakness and hair loss

There are several factors influencing hair loss:

  • Means is not suitable for washing of the head which you have chosen to your type of hair and skin.
  • Use of the hair dryer, rectifier, curling iron.
  • Too frequent colourings.
  • Stress.
  • Avitaminosis.

All this leads to injury of head skin and hair.

How to return density

First of all begin at least once in month gradually to cut off the whipped ends. It considerably will improve condition of curls. Carefully select shampoos and masks. Also choose more expensive hair-dye, at the known brands more sparing structures. At opportunity it is better to dry head of hear in the natural way. And use of thermoprotective equipment will be yet not superfluous.

In winter season carry headdresses! Low temperatures narrow capillaries, for this reason the follicles do not receive in addition the necessary substances, the considerable hair loss is consequence.

Vitamins are very useful to hair. It is not obligatory to choose expensive medicines, it is possible to be limited to the domestic medicine Ayevit which in the long term will make your hair thick and beautiful.

Well and of course food, healthy sleep and physical activities properly will affect beauty of your hair.

Vegetable oils

Are the chief assistants in fight for density. Using masks from olive, burdock and castoric oils, head skin napityvatsya by useful substances, and the hair becomes more elastic and protected. After the first application the result is noticeable. Simple recipe: the amount of oil, necessary for your hair (it is possible one, or to mix all three) slightly to warm up and apply on all length of hair. After that to cover the head with hat and towel, to hold 1.5 - 2 hours.

PP vitamin

It is called nicotinic acid. Will excellently cope with problem of increase in density, acceleration of growth of hair. It is got in any drugstore. Within month rub every evening on one ampoule in head skin. Unfortunately, has not really pleasant smell, but the result is worth it. Shortcoming is the possibility of manifestation of allergy.


One of the most effective masks. Mustard well increases blood-groove, respectively hair grow quicker. For preparation it is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of mustard and 1 tablespoon of sugar with any oil and to apply to head skin, having waited for 10 minutes to wash away. Later it is obligatory to put moisturizing mask.

Colourless henna

Is cheap means, due to the structure covers hair with film which protects it from negative impacts of the nature. For preparation dissolve henna with water and apply on hair. In 1.5 hours wash away.


In addition enhances effect of all previous means. Every evening 10 minutes mass the head. It will in addition increase blood inflow. Duration of such massage is 10 minutes.

As you can see, to make hair beautiful and magnificent, without leaving the house simply. Main thing in this case regularity. You are not lazy, and in month you will see impressive result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team