How to achieve effect of wet hair

How to achieve effect of wet hair

One of the most popular hairstyles – laying with effect of wet hair. Perhaps, it was so fallen in love to women of all age because it is not really difficult to master its equipment, and such hairstyle quite effectively looks. It is necessary only to try to make similar laying few times, and the original hairstyle for every day will take the place in your arsenal of secrets of beauty.

It is required to you

  • - styling sprays,
  • - hair dryer.


  1. Buy in shop special gel for laying with effect of wet hair. If it is not possible to find special means, it is possible to use usual gel or wax for hair. The skin or mousse will also approach.
  2. If you use wax, after washing of the head dry up hair, but not completely. Apply wax on hands and begin to rumple locks in hands, raising them from tips to roots. You should not comb hair during creation of such laying. If for laying you use special gel, apply it on moist hair then dry up their phenom. You should not dry strong air flow, choose the sparing mode. It is similarly possible to make laying and by means of mousse or styling foam.
  3. It is the simplest to make similar laying to girls who have by nature curly hair. In that case it is enough to grease slightly of them with gel and to allow them to dry. If straight hair, it is necessary to make a little more efforts to give them the desirable form. Owners of short locks cannot also make laying with effect of wet hair. Gel or wax perfectly hold short hair, and you can even change laying during the day, having shifted lock to other party and having given it hand the new form.
  4. The main thing, be not overzealous, styling hair gel, wax or other means for fixing. If to overdo and apply on locks it is more than gel, than it is necessary, hair will remind not washed long ago. And as your purpose is to receive as a result stylish effective hairstyle, you watch closely this moment. Before going outside with new hairstyle, be trained at home, photograph yourself and look how laying from outside looks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team