How to achieve equal complexion

How to achieve equal complexion

Ideal equal and beautiful skin is by nature given not much. The bad complexion can be caused by variety of reasons: bad food and skin care, ultraviolet, addictions. There are several secrets, possessing which, it is possible to receive equal complexion.


1. In order that skin remained as long as possible beautiful, behind it the special care is necessary. Face skin demands additional moistening and nutrition. Use cream before going to bed, wipe skin with lotions to avoid pollution of time.

2. If you have problems with skin pigmentation, then for alignment of skin special ointments and cream will help. For masking of freckles and other pigmental spots use creams with cucumber juice. The cucumber has property to bleach skin. Is cream which do not bleach skin, and only matt it. For bigger effect use tone cream. First, they well level skin. Secondly, it is possible to pick up color, suitable for your skin. Thirdly, foundation at the same time protects skin from undesirable influence of the sun.

3. Except creams, for fight against pigmentation, folk remedies will help. Ways to purify skin huge number. The most widespread is lemon juice. Wipe face with segment of lemon or moisten cotton pad in juice and also wipe skin. If your skin is very sensitive, then dilute lemon juice with water better. Good means is the cucumber mask. Put one shabby cucumber on face, in 15 minutes unmask. If to you laziness to rub the cucumber, then it is possible to put on the person of segment. The effect will be identical, skin will become much lighter. Sour cream, cottage cheese have the bleaching effect. Also put them as mask for 20 minutes and wash away. But it is necessary to understand that after one mask the result can not come. Such procedure needs to be carried out constantly.

4. Some masks you will not help skin. It is important to eat and receive necessary vitamins properly. Such products as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese are very useful to skin. Vitamins A and E can be received from fruit, vegetables, nuts. Try to diversify food allowance and then you will notice that color of your skin considerably improves.

5. Give to the skin at least 10 minutes a day. Be cheerful, smile more often, and your skin will begin to shine. You love in yourself everything, even small shortcomings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team