How to achieve fair-haired hair color

How to achieve fair-haired hair color

Everything depends on what color your hair at the moment. It is clear, that to owners of head of hear of light shades – it is simpler, and here brunettes should work at achievement of good result fairly.


  1. Begin with the paint choice. Not some certain firm, but color scale of means means. On packing of any paint or in the special, attached catalog there is scheme of flowers. In it on the one hand your initial color, and with another – result which has to turn out after application of this means to present shade is specified. At the same time you should not believe fondly that from black as resin, the hair, after putting "wonderful paint", immediately will turn out stunning ashy-fair-haired color.
  2. Remember that before coloring two-three days are not desirable to wash the head, then paint is better absorbed in structure of hair regardless of which the shade is necessary for you. Also, before painting, cut the whipped ends better and give the form to hairstyle that the flow of paint was minimum. If you have quite recently made to yourself "chemistry", then wait 2-3 weeks not to burn through the hair which are already weakened by chemicals. And, above all - at all do not overdo means more than a term, specified on packing.
  3. If your hair of dark shade, then to achieve fair-haired color, it is necessary to clarify them previously. For this purpose there is special white henna or paint. Remember that hair at roots always become colourless quicker, than on the ends therefore begin to put means from them. Now, when your head of hear has got lighter shade (or if you initially were blonde), can start obtaining directly fair-haired color. But it is desirable to do it not on the same day, and through two-three. You apply paint on the scheme described above: at first on tips, then on roots. Remember that the desirable shade not necessarily can turn out from the first. Be not upset, it is normal. Just repeat the procedure in several days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team