How to achieve faultless condition of skin

How to achieve faultless condition of skin

Perfect condition of skin emphasizes youth and beauty of the woman. Pure leather demonstrates health and absence of diseases of internals and also about the attentive attitude of the person towards itself.


1. The condition of skin in many respects depends on the general condition of organism. Eat more vegetables, greens and fruit and also products, vitamin-rich E and A. Reduce consumption of fat fried products, meat, sweet and farinaceous food, products with the high content of nutritional supplements, dyes and fragrances. Several times a month you spend fasting days. Refuse alcohol intake and smoking. Remember that skin of the smoking person grows old twice quicker, than at non-smoking. Drink not less than 1.5 liters of water a day. It removes hazardous substances through skin and humidifies it from within.

2. Avoid stresses and observe the dream mode. The general malaise will always have an effect dark circles under eyes, hypostases and acne. Regularly change pillows and pillowcases. In them allergens and pollution collect that can lead to deplorable condition of skin. You spend more time in the fresh air and avoid conditioners. The air which has passed through them strongly dries skin. As seldom as possible touch the person by hands. The most part of inflammations and reddenings on face skin appears because of non-compliance with hygiene and its continuous contact with dirty hands.

3. Know when to stop in visit of sunbed and suntan in the sun. Direct hit of sunshine leads to presenilation of skin and can cause serious diseases. For increase in protection against them use the means with the SPF filter suitable under type of your skin.

4. Skin care has to include clarification, procedures for problem sites, moistening and nutrition. For clarification of skin use the means strictly suitable under its type and state. It can be gels, milk, skin, mousse. After careful clarification it is necessary to use one-two times a week srub. It will remove the keratosic parts from skin, will smooth and will purify it, preparing for further procedures. The srub also has to correspond to skin type, but it cannot be used on sites with inflammations and acne.

5. After use of srub apply the mask directed to achievement of result necessary to you to skin. Pay attention to masks from natural ingredients which can be made independently. They it is not worse purchased cope with objectives. Finish ukhodovy procedures contrast washing which will strengthen blood circulation and will refresh face skin. It will be useful to wipe it with ice cubes with infusion of camomile or sage.

6. Try to refuse large amount of cosmetics. Do not use foundation. It hammers time and prevents skin to breathe because of what inflammations and pimples appear. Too it is better to refuse powder. If it is impossible, use mineral powder with the most fine easy particles which are not polluting skin. Always wash away cosmetics for the night. Use night and day cream and cream for century if skin needs it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team