How to achieve figure 90-60-90

How to achieve figure 90-60-90

To approach ideal figure, it is necessary to eat, do properly special exercises and cosmetic procedures. Regular aerobic loadings will also help to make ideal proportions.

It is required to you

  • Exercise bike, hoop, plan of food.


1. It is difficult to achieve ideal parameters of figure, but it is possible. However for this purpose there has to be initial predisposition. So, if by nature you have normal or big-boned constitution, it will hardly turn out to bring waist to 60 cm, and hips up to 90 if, of course, to exclude the address to surgeons and surgery, such as removal of edges. The same touches also breast. If by nature the breast has the small size, to increase it without surgery it will not turn out. It should be noted that this ideal very doubtful and such volumes well will look only in total with rather high growth. Besides, such asthenic constitution looks favourably only on fashionable podiums, and in life looks not so attractively.

2. Healthy nutrition. If natural data dispose to making the sizes 90-60-90, it is possible to try to approach "ideal". For this purpose it is necessary to make the plan of food to which it is necessary to adhere constantly. It is necessary to exclude all fat and flour, to forget about chocolate and sugar, from meat to leave only low-fat chicken. It is allowed to eat the low-fat fish prepared without oil use. Vegetables have to become the main ingredient of food. Low-fat fermented milk products in the first half of day will be also very useful. It is completely necessary to exclude any alcoholic beverages.

3. Sports occupations. Constant aerobic loads will be very useful to weight loss of all body. Also it is worth paying attention to the exercise bike which perfectly forms hips. However you should not go to far as pumping of muscles of hips leads to increase in their volume. It is better to use the exercise bike or the bicycle regularly, but gradually. To bring closer waist measurement to the desirable, it is necessary to work on oblique muscles of stomach constantly. Inclinations in the parties, circular rotations by basin and rotations of hoop will be useful exercises here. It is regularly necessary to be engaged, every day. The waist will never be 60 cm if the stomach is not flat, but flabby. It is possible to achieve flat stomach by means of raising of trunk and legs from situation "lying" and also exercises "scissors".

4. Cosmetic procedures and massage can positively affect blood circulation that will increase exchange processes, and weight loss will go quicker. By means of various wrappings and massage it is possible to achieve good results on reduction of cellulitis and fat deposits in stomach, hips and buttocks.

5. Certainly, if the nature has not presented you with desirable addition of body, then it is always possible to resort to surgeons. The modern plastic surgery allows to change the shapes of body connected with the structure of skeleton. Also often such operations as the liposuction and lipolifting assuming removal of subcutaneous fat apply.

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