How to achieve ideal hair

How to achieve ideal hair

Hair are exposed to negative impact of the environment, are injured as a result of coloring and laying therefore lose smoothness and silkiness. If your curls remind straw shock, do not hurry in hairdressing salon, try to recover them independently and to return them former beauty.

It is required to you

  • - hair care products;
  • - vitamins and minerals;
  • - olive oil;
  • - broths of herbs;
  • - salt.


  1. The appearance of hair directly depends on human health. Ask for the help the expert if something disturbs you and if is not present, just undergo comprehensive examination. Anyway it will not damage.
  2. Accept vitamin and mineral complexes. Health of hair and from cod-liver oil and folic acid improves. But the visible result will appear not at once therefore you should wait a little.
  3. Use quality shampoos and conditioners which correspond to type of your hair. Stop the choice on line of means from the leading trademarks. If tips are strongly damaged, apply special serum which does not need to be washed away after washing of the head.
  4. Do mask of olive oil. Warm up it yes 35 degrees. Apply on dry hair and wrap cellophane or put on special hat. You hold mask 1-2 hours, after that carefully wash hair with warm water several times. The only minus of this mask – it is badly washed away, but after its use the hair become humidified and strong.
  5. Clean head skin with small salt – it will help to remove dead cells of epithelium that will positively affect supply of roots with oxygen. Just rub salt in roots of hair. Already through several procedures you will notice that curls began to grow quicker and better to look.
  6. Rinse hair after washing with broths of herbs, but not usual water. The nettle, camomile, calendula, sage will approach. If desired you can use collecting. Zavariyte 2 tablespoons of grass in glass of boiled water, let's infuse within half an hour and filter. Dilute infusion with warm water before receiving 1-1.5 liters.
  7. Try to use as seldom as possible the iron for hair, the curling iron and the hair dryer. Electric devices destroy structure of hair. Whenever possible paint curls bezammiachny paint or at all do not use it. Only this way it is possible to achieve ideal hair which will be poured in the sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team