How to achieve ideal shape of eyebrows

How to achieve ideal shape of eyebrows

The correct shape of eyebrows will become pledge of beautiful make-up of eyes. Seldom who manages to find ideally suitable option at once – most of girls before it manage to endure several unsuccessful experiments. However mistakes when choosing suitable registration for eyes can quite be avoided.

Not well-groomed eyebrows can spoil even the most beautiful make-up. Therefore treat with care radical changes of shape of eyebrows – change of look can even become one of consequences.

Ideal eyebrows will never have indistinct, indistinct contour. If you carefully watch yourself, do not allow emergence of the small hairs which are visually deforming eyebrow bend. Besides they look very inaccurately. Correct the chosen form about 2-3 times a month, depending on intensity of growth of hair. The same rule concerns also bunches of unevenly grown hair.

The correct eyebrows have to have the sufficient length and small bend. It is not necessary to do them too short – with such form the person looks surprised. The sufficiency of density of eyebrows is defined by the size of lips. Wide, natural eyebrows will suit owners of chubby and strongly convex sponges. The owner of thin upper lip and dense, dark eyebrows will ridiculously look. Pulling out eyebrows, regularly stop and estimate result that it has not turned out so that at view of your person the attention will be focused only on eyebrows. If the eyebrow has no natural bend, do not try to outwit the nature. For achievement of the curvature desirable to you, it is necessary to get rid completely of vegetation and to draw pencil or shadows the artificial line. Forgery will be too noticeable to people around therefore you should not resort to such method. If eyebrow too direct, it is possible to bend it by means of pencil of the shade which is most suitable on tone a little. It is enough to apply on eyebrow of a little special transparent gel for laying, to comb volosik and to tint slightly pencil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team