How to achieve ideal skin

How to achieve ideal skin

Smooth and gentle skin, natural and healthy complexion – dream of any woman. In search of magic means it is possible to try set of modern bottles. But it is possible to achieve ideal skin, just following the simplest rules of leaving, but it is necessary to do it regularly.

1. Eat properly. Pimples, inflammations, the hammered time – result of improper feeding. Exclude fast food, carbonated drinks, sweets, hot and salty dishes. Give preference to sour-milk products, porridges, fresh vegetables and fruit. Drink a lot of water, green tea, juice and compotes. Cook healthy food – you cook in water, on couple, bake.

2. Periodically you clean intestines. Stagnation and slags in intestines lead to deterioration in condition of skin. Get rid of locks, adjust digestion, eliminate manifestations of dysbacteriosis.

3. Purify skin. Daily purification of leather – important component of care for it. Clarification has to be correct – depending on type of skin pick up means with the sparing effect. Basic rules: removal of make-up before going to bed, weekly srubs, periodic peelings and tonic procedures.

4. Moisturize the skin. Drink clear water, use the thermal sprays for the person moisturizing tonics. Drink on an empty stomach glass of warm clear water in the morning (it is additional stimulation of intestines).

5. Protect skin. It is impossible to achieve ideal face skin and body without effective protection against external influences. Protect skin from the sun – use day creams with protection against ultraviolet. Feed in frosty days – wind and cold can break water balance. Always impose basis under make-up – you not only you will level tone of the person, but also protect it from effect of cosmetics.

6. Try to get enough sleep. All traces of sleepless nights find the reflection on face – bags, dark circles, unhealthy complexion. The sufficient dream will allow skin to be restored and have a rest.

7. Play sports. Regular exercises will help you to keep the body, respectively, and skin, in tone. If there is opportunity, give classes in the fresh air – color of your skin will become healthy.

8. Take contrast shower. Flabby sites of skin can be made more elastic by means of water procedures. Sharp change of water temperature strengthens blood circulation, activates regeneration processes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team