How to achieve rapid growth of hair

How to achieve rapid growth of hair

The woman - being changeable. Quite often there is a wish to surprise with something acquaintances, to change the image, to make fashionable hairstyle. But how to be if there is desire again to have long, magnificent braids? How it is possible to accelerate growth of hair?


  1. The state and growth of your hair directly depends on what you eat. Try to adhere to certain diet. You remember that, using fast – foot you harm the hair and you will never achieve their rapid growth. Reconsider the diet.
  2. Consult to the attending physician and learn what vitamins are not enough for your organism. Buy the medicines allowing to achieve their completion in drugstore. Use as much as possible vegetables and fruit in cooking. Consider that the greatest number of vitamins contains in the fruits which are not exposed to thermal treatment.
  3. Do massage heads. Remember, for certain somebody advised you every day hundred times to carry out on hair by massage brush. This procedure improves skin blood supply, and allows your hair grow at full capacity.
  4. Stressful situations negatively affect all organism including on hair. Therefore you spend more time in the fresh air. Play sports and try to keep your nerves in full order.
  5. Today in drugstores it is possible to get means which will help to accelerate process of growth of hair. But before buying them take an interest at the consultant what means suits you.
  6. Use national recipes. There is a lot of them and you for certain will find that which will provide rapid growth of hair and will make them brilliant and strong. Prepare mask from mustard. Mustard is used in traditional medicine especially for growth of hair. But do not forget that it is necessary to use mustard carefully, especially to women with hypersensibility of skin. After drawing mask you have to feel burning. But at strong burning wash away mask rather.
  7. Take glass of kefir, 2 egg yolks and tablespoon of dry powder of mustard. Carefully pound and apply to head skin. Within several minutes continue to mass skin. Then for 1 hour cover the head with polyethylene and towel. Well wash hair with shampoo. Do this mask for month once a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team