How to achieve slender waist quickly

How to achieve slender waist quickly

Wanted to have slender waist and slim figure of the girl always. But if two hundred flyings ago for this purpose much of them had to carry corsets, then now arsenal of means to correct figure proportions, has considerably extended. And, as it has become clear as a result of medical researches, the slender waist is not only only fashion whim, but also sign of health, first of all, of cardiovascular system.


1. That the waist became thinner, to you, first of all, it is necessary to remove excess fat deposits from belly wall, and then to try to strengthen muscles of back and stomach. Fitness classes and aerobics can give you this chance. The best exercises – twisting, inclinations, turns of the body, squat, hoop. Dance more: the most effective dance – belly dance. There is a lot of exercises for waist, but all of them, as a rule, love regularity. You should not pump up press during this period, it increases waist measurement. Do exercises at any time, but or for half an hour to food, or through two later.

2. Change the diet. Completely exclude high-calorie dishes - sweet, fat, flour and alcohol. Eat more greens, vegetables and fruit, fermented milk products, a little fast boiled meat, low-fat fish. Any oil – sunflower, olive, etc. during this period too you should not use. You remember: the rigid diet will make the business, but the diet has to be balanced, and the main thing – healthy food should be entered forever. Otherwise powerful waist measurement will return to you pretty fast.

3. Reduce the liquid use – it there have to be no more than one and a half – two liters a day. But it cannot be done if you have problems with health. The best of liquids – green tea and still mineral water.

4. Use cosmetics for weight loss. It can be creams, gels or sprays. They to some extent remove fat from cages (at initial stage!), improve skin blood supply, liquids in fabrics do not allow to be late. But are effective only in combination with physical activity, peeling and massage of body.

5. Wipe stomach and other problem zones with small pieces of ice. It well refreshes and tones up skin and acts as certain stimulator of fat exchange.

6. At fast weight reduction rather frequent problem – emergence of extensions on skin. That to avoid it and, at the same time, to get rid of excess centimeters, prepare mix from olive oil and several drops of vitamin E. Rub them in problem zones every day.

7. Visit beauty shop. There can offer many means for reduction of waist - lymphatic drainage, wrappings, masks, dirt, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team