How to achieve the shining skin

How to achieve the shining skin

The shining skin – it is so natural in youth, but over time its color grows dull, it takes unhealthy form. It is no wonder that lady make lot of efforts to save her from flabbiness, wrinkles and loss of color. Without the correct leaving of it it is almost impossible to achieve, some means for make-up for giving of freshness to skin are not enough.


1. At first it is necessary to get rid of skin cells which have become lifeless. For this purpose use srub two times a week. Both artificial, and natural particles can be its part. You put srub with circular vigorous movements. Thanks to this procedure, skin will be smooth and gentle, microblood circulation will improve that leads to reduction of cellulitis.

2. During acceptance of shower use the moisturizing gels which not only will wash away pollution, but also will nourish skin with moisture. For the best clarification of the coarsened skin use gel with the peeling particles. It will give to skin fresh and healthy look.

3. The elasticity will present to skin shower with the massage mode. Direct stream to problem zones. The contrast shower is very useful to maintenance of skin in tone.

4. Right after shower apply to skin means with the tightening and moistening effect. This procedure will help to smooth roughnesses. Problem with extensions, if they not old, it is possible to solve, using special oils which need to be applied before going to bed on body.

5. Skin needs intensive moistening. After shower apply the corresponding cream to moist skin. If you do not like means on oily basis, try cream with the fast-absorbed texture.

6. For giving to skin of shine use body balms which contain reflective parts.

7. Do not forget about vitamins, especially in winter time. Vitamins A, E and C are especially useful to skin - they do it to more elastic.

8. The special diet will help to restore natural young flush. It is simple and designed for two weeks. It is necessary to refuse sweet, flour and fat and in the mornings there are oat flakes wetted in milk with honey, nuts, apple and lemon juice.

9. The equal beautiful shade gives to skin suntan. If you have no time to sunbathe or eat contraindications to suntan, use cream autosuntan.

10. With effect of suntan the mask from coffee helps to achieve equal complexion. Take thick from made ground coffee and thick layer put on face, leave for ten minutes. Then wash away warm water and apply nutritious cream. Do such mask regularly, and color of your person will get velvety flight shade.

11. Play sports: swimming, run, visit fitness clubs. Try to get enough sleep, especially during off-season, then skin will have well rested and healthy appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team