How to achieve the volume of hair

How to achieve the volume of hair

Often women are not too happy how their hair look. Many of them would like to see the hair more volume. It and is clear - voluminous hair looks perfectly and does the woman of more sexual. The famous stylists unanimously claim that for giving to hair of volume it is necessary to use not one means, but the whole package of measures. Having put a little diligence, you will be delighted with appearance of the hair.


  1. Hairstyle and volume of hair. If you have by nature fine hair, then your choice - hairstyle of average length with bang and tapering of locks. Having chosen such hairstyle, you will visually increase the volume of the hair. Remember that very short as well as long hairstyles lead to the fact that hair begin to seem less volume. Therefore, the most suitable length of hairstyle for the hair deprived of volume - from the line of chin and to lobes of ears. The step, or cascade hairstyle is suitable for hair of any length. Such hairstyle will make hair more magnificent, and besides, it does not get out of fashion long ago.
  2. Color and volume hair. If you the owner of dark hair also want highlighting which are capable to create game of the patches of light giving the volume and the sparkling look to hairstyle on hair. If you the blonde, then helps to make fair hair more volume to you hair glitter.
  3. Correct leaving and volume of hair. Speaking about the volume of hair, it is necessary to mention also means for washing of hair. Fine hair very quickly tarnishes and becomes fat and unattractive. Therefore, it is necessary to wash them more often than normal hair. For such hair choose shampoos which give to hair volume. On bottles with such shampoos there is always the corresponding mark. Choose the shampoo intended for your type of hair, otherwise, you will not achieve the necessary effect on the hair. Now on sale it is possible to see large amount of various hair mousses. If you want to make the hair more magnificent, apply mousse for volume on clean slightly moist hair, since roots and distributing to tips of hair. Then take the hair dryer and dry hair, slightly raising them at roots. As a result you receive volume hair.
  4. Laying and volume of hair. Hair dressing by means of the hair dryer influences the volume of hair. Drying of hair hot air leads to damage of structure of hair therefore it is the best of all to dry hair warm air. When drying hair you keep the hair dryer at arm's length of fifteen centimeters from the head. It is not necessary to overdry hair, from it they look weak and deprived of life. If you have enough time, it is the best of all to dry hair at the room temperature, previously having blotted them with towel.
  5. If you cannot do without hair dryer at all, listen to the recommendations of stylists. They advise to get special nozzles – diffusers. Such nozzles are supplied soft "with fingers with set of openings on their surface. Such nozzles when drying raise hair at roots, they also disseminate hot air to do to hair less harm.
  6. It is possible to make hair more volume, and without using the hair dryer. Wash up hair, dry them towel, and then, wind on large hair curlers. Having waited for minutes twenty five, remove hair curlers, carefully sort curls, having applied on them fixing gel. Using these not so difficult recommendations, you will be able to make hair more volume.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team