How to achieve whiteness of teeth

How to achieve whiteness of teeth

snow-white as at advertizing characters, teeth, many dream. Unfortunately, daily our teeth are affected by substances, negative for their whiteness. Coffee, tea, cigarettes, and even sunflower seeds of sunflower promote enamel darkening. However, consequences of the consumption of the wrong drinks and products, as a rule, are reversible. Here only to achieve whiteness of teeth, it is necessary to consult with the stomatologist that he has prompted the correct method.


  1. Buy toothpaste as a part of which there are soft abrasive substances in drugstore. As a rule, such paste can improve appearance of teeth if they have only slightly darkened. Besides pastes, in house conditions the teeth can be bleached by means of special conditioners or oral cavity gels. Consider that for obtaining result it is necessary to stock up with patience: similar means begin to work later long time after use.
  2. Use caps for teeth at night. This orthodontic device in the form of slips is multipurpose, including stomatologists recommend it for enamel bleaching. Apply special gel with peroxide of hydrogen which goes complete with the device on caps, and fix caps on teeth at several o'clock. At regular use teeth it will be possible to achieve if not ideal whiteness, then clarification of tooth enamel on several tones.
  3. Address to dental clinic for professional bleaching. If the doctor after survey decides that you suit external bleaching more, try way with oxygen use. Such method is called photobleaching and represents the repeated procedure in the course of which the special structure is applied on teeth and it is activated by halogen beams, and then is washed away. Instead of photobleaching it is possible to try impact on tooth enamel of laser beams. This way of giving to whiteness teeth which was more sparing but also more costly.
  4. If you have problem teeth with lifeless pulp, agree to internal bleaching. The doctor will put in cavity of the injured teeth medical structure with peroxide of hydrogen which will work from within, updating and at the same time lightening enamel.
  5. During the procedures for bleaching of teeth do not eat such products as strawberry, tomatoes, beet, bilberry, do not abuse ketchup and mustard. Have no black tea and the more so coffee, reduce quantity of cigarettes if you smoke, and it is better - pass to electronic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team