How to add gloss to eyes

How to add gloss to eyes

About fine shine of eyes is told, written and sung much. This part of the face attracts attention, admire it, admire it. Only the tired and extinct look in anybody does not cause desire to admire and compose verses. Worthy eyes of admiration need to add gloss. And it is absolutely easy to make it.


1. Everything begins with regular care of eyelid skin and around eyes. Careful clarification, the correct moistening and additional food – here that is necessary for eyes. Purify skin of eyes with special means for makeup removal, you apply in the morning and in the evening eye cream.

2. Pick up such eye cream which will struggle with puffiness and dark circles. Check the health. Very often these signs are connected with disease of internals. You watch what you eat and drink. To avoid puffiness, do not drink too much water for the night and do not take bath just before dream (it is better to carry out water procedures for hour to dream).

3. Apply special masks and compresses. Impose masks one-two times a week, use compresses as required. Buy the ready cooling strips for skin under eyes or use house broths. The same compresses from tea leaves have proved for a long time as effective express-средство.

4. Try to injure less skin around eyes. Do not pound it, do not stretch. Impose cream and other means only on massage lines, you carry out light massage to support gentle skin of eyes in tone.

5. Use decorative cosmetics for masking of dark circles under eyes. The proofreader or anti-chamoises will help to hide defects and defects.

6. Doing make-up, use small cunnings which help to make look fresher and open. Lighten internal corner of eye, impose strip of shadows of light shade under eyebrow, cover eyelashes with ink.

7. Carry out by internal part of lower eyelid by pencil of light shade or white color. Only be convinced that on pencil there is mark of "Khol" or "Kajal". Kayal contains the special antiseptic components allowing to apply him to sensitive skin of internal part century.

8. You watch that shadows were not showered. Getting on skin around eyes they create effect of tired face. Especially, if shade of shadows dark.

9. To get rid of reddening of eyes and to make them more shining, clean and light, buy ophthalmologic means which narrows capillaries in drugstore. From them protein of eyeball becomes lighter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team