How to add the kg

How to add the kg

lack of muscle bulk at young people is not less widespread problem, than excess weight, but causes concerns much less. And meanwhile, too small weight during active growth of organism leads to the wrong development of internals and developing of chronic diseases. Especially it concerns the endocrine system and the system of digestion.

It is required to you

  • - Medical examination;
  • - calculation of BMI;
  • - fractional diet;
  • - high-calorific diet;
  • - intensive power trainings


  1. If you suspect that your weight is insufficient for your type of constitution and age, calculate the BMI (body mass index). For this purpose divide the weight in kilograms into the growth in meters squared. If the received value less than 19 for women and less than 20 for men, means at you lack of body weight. Ideal BMI is in interval 19-24 for women and 20-25 for men
  2. Undergo full medical examination. First of all visit the gastroenterologist and the endocrinologist. It will allow you to exclude the medical reasons of deficiency of weight. If you are healthy, consult with the nutritionist to pick up the correct diet.
  3. Do not try to normalize the weight at all, just increasing amount of food or its caloric content. The liver is not capable to process too large number of calories for once. All excess nutrients will be processed into lipids and will accumulate not only on your waist, but also on walls of blood vessels. Further it can lead to developing of such serious disease as atherosclerosis.
  4. Increase the number of meals from three to five-six in day. Thus the organism will acquire the bigger number of calories and to direct them to construction of muscle tissue.
  5. Include high-calorific products in the diet, but be not fond of complex fats, sugars and marinated products. Give preference to fat grades of fish and meat, fat dairy products, eggs and also dried fruits and nuts.
  6. At increase in body weight not to do without physical exercises. Increase in power value of food without increase in physical activity will lead only to growth of fat deposits, but not to growth of muscles. Be engaged in gym with bar or dumbbells if you want you to have had good muscles. The aerobics, dances, jogging and driving the bicycle do not promote extension of muscles.
  7. Be engaged three times a week at high speed and with big weight. That muscles have begun to grow, you have to give them the maximum load. Being restored after it, the organism increases muscle fibers. Therefore, the more intensively loading, the rest after the training has to be longer.
  8. Being engaged in gym, you will be able to model the figure. Do exercises on those groups of muscles which growth you consider necessary for creation of beautiful athletic figure.

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